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French Door Refrigerators
Amana cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator


Get a cool look with the stylish design of twin refrigerator doors The freezer section features the EasyFreezerTM pull-out drawer that can hold up to 120 lbs of food and keeps it all sorted out with the QuickSplitTM organizer

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Love the Amana French Door Refrigerator is very reliable .


All and all it is a great frig. durable and roomy. Noise Level This is a great frig in regards to sound quality as the only time you hear it is when the automatic ice maker is dumping ice. Interior Organization The inside trays are nice but there is some limit to how you can arrange them. Would prefer more options. Temperature Control The frig itself is great however the digital door temp thing to prevent sweating burnt out or stopped working about a year after we got the frig. Not a big deal and not worth paying to have it fixed. Ease of Cleaning Every thing pops out easily to wash down inside and out. Durability I thus far love this frig and to date have no issues other then an exterior temp control that is not necessary Design Love the overall design just with i could do more with the inside trays/shelves

Orland Park, IL


Love, Love, Love this refrigerator!


I have had this Amana French Door refrigerator for two years and absolutely love it! I never thought I would like an appliance so much but I do! The french doors offer lots of door space for condiment bottles, large platters fit on the shelves for parties, and the pull out freezer drawer is great on the bottom since I don't open the freezer as often as the refrigerator. The shelves in the refrigerator have the ability to be moved around, so if, for example, at Thanksgiving when I have different items in the refrigerator than usual I can very simply rearrange the shelves to fit my needs. I have not had any issues since I have owned it and highly recommend the Amana brand. Noise Level Very quiet. Interior Organization Lots of space in the doors for condiments and shelves can be rearranged. Temperature Control No problems with setting the temperature. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean. The shelves in the doors have a removable liner in the bottom which makes for easy cleaning. Durability Still going strong with no problems. Design Fits well with my decor.

Georgetown, KY


Amana cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

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