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Top-Freezer Refrigerators
Amana Top-Freezer Refrigerator ATB2232MRB ATB2232MRS

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Will buy another


I am very pleased with my Amana refrigerator and will definitely be buying another when this one wears out. It was moderately priced for the quality of the refrigerator. There is the perfect amount of space in the refrigerator and the freezer for storing everything needed for a large family. Noise Level I would like it if it was a little quieter, but it's not too bad. Interior Organization I am able to fit all my items in the refrigerator and am still able to find things. I like that there are several options for how to fit everything in and that the shelves are adjustable. Temperature Control The temperature settings are very accurate. My food stays at just the right temperature. Ease of Cleaning The only negative to this refrigerator is that it is somewhat hard to clean. When things get spilled, as they inevitably do, the spills go into the cracks. It is then very difficult to clean the cracks. Durability I am very impressed with the durability of this refrigerator. Design I am also very happy with the design. The outside looks nice and the inside is set up efficiently.



The greatest refrigerator ever!


This is by far the best refrigerator I have ever owned. I've had it over ten years and I have never had a problem with anything. It keeps everything cold like it should and is very durable. You can't beat the price as well! It is very quiet and very easy to clean



Amana Fridge


Its goy enough room for my shopping needs. The freezer is huge, which I really like. The glass worries me. The shelves are glass, easy to clean. What I didnt like... The crisper drawers get stuck!! Frustrating!! The door shelves have fallen several times, top and bottom!! Having to fix that is annoying, then replacing all the items back is also time consuming!

Los Angeles, CA




When my husband told me he baught an Amana refrigerator I was a little skeptical. Did not know enough about the brand to have an educated opinion so the first thought was that is not going to be a very good one. But by the time I had it mounted in the kitchen, I was absolutely in love with it. It is not a very "modern" or "upscale" design but once you open the door, you will love it. The best think about it is that you can customize the height of your shelf on each side of the fridge. So if you want higher shelfs on the right side a smaller on the left, you can have it. Another nice thing is that the fruits and vegetables drawars have a glass lid so you don't have to open the drawers to see what's in there. The freezer is very large and it has an ice machine that is very handy in the summer time, when I always forget to refill the trays! The surfaces are very easy to clean, any cleaner you have in the house will do the job. It may not be "shiny" and "sophisticated" but if you are a practical person like me, you will love it!

Beatrice, NE


Amana Top-Freezer Refrigerator ATB2232MRB ATB2232MRS

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