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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Amana Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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amaha fridge ARS264BW OKAY


This refrigerator was very great at first,but after 2 years,it's just okay to me.Waiting for it to stop completely working to replace it.It is energy effcient ,and very easy to wipe and clean.Also, there is plenty of storage inside.  It has tall compartments for like milk gallons and juice,which I'm in favor for.It comes with settings for the icemaker.And,my husband quite easy to install and place in the corner of my kitchen. It's just  I feel it is a little outdated,sometimes I adjust the temperature to really cold and it doesn't cool.And sometimes I open the fridge with the temperature rate at medium and the eggs are frozen.So, I don't know if my refrigerator came wrong?At, the time of 1 year old it was still working great.Whatever the case, I think is time to shop for a new applience.This is not stainless steel and now there are more effient energy refrigerators out there. I'f you buy this ,because of the price ,think about it if it is great in the long run,I didn't.

Houston, TX


Amana refrigerator is a workhorse!


I'm writing this review for an Amana Side by Side refrigerator. Because it's so old, the model no is not on viewpoints. But it is a model very similar to this one. I purchased the Amana refrigerator about 19 years ago. As soon as it's intsalled, the door would make this loud squeaking noise. After the service people coming out to adjust it a few times, the problem persisted so I just gave up. I considered it an installation problem rather than a product defect. A few years later, the ice maker started leaking. It got to be so bad, I turned off the automatic ice maker. Later on, I purchased a new GE refrigerator for the kitchen and retired the Amana to the laundry room. Without the icemaker, the Amana frig still stands proudly serving the family today. The Amana has about the same functions as a new frig that's 18 years younger, except a digital control. And by measuring the usage with the meter, the 19 year old Amana is as energy efficient as the new frig which has a high Energy Star rating. The old Amana also has an interior built with quality in mind, while the new frig feels... cheap! The old Amana has very persistent temperature in both the frig and freezer. The old Amana frig is also very quiet. Overall I say the old Amana refrigerator is a great frig. It almost reaches the 5 stars if not for the icemaker problem.

Fremont, CA


Good Fridge but Small Freezer


After our compressor died on our last fridge we were looking for a white fridge with a good price because eventually we want to upgrade our kitchen to all steel appliances. We were looking for a reliable fridge for a low cost and this fridge fit the bill. Its been 2 months and its been working well.  I love the French doors and was glad that I did not have to sacrifice that to buy a reasonably priced fridge. Love the water dispenser and ice maker and they both work very well. I do think however that the freezer space is a bit small. The shelves seem smaller than my last fridge even thought the size of the fridge is the same. I must say though that the drawers in the fridge are really spacious and really keep my vegetables crisp for a while. Lets see how this fridge works out in the long run. I've read that Amana has really good service so I hope that they work with me to resolve any issues if they come up. 

Irvine, CA


Very satisfied with this product


This is one of the best products I have owned and I have owned many refrigerators. The only problem that I have had is with the ice maker and I understand from the man who fixed it the the ice makers aren't very good on any refrigerator. The only regret that I have is that I didn't get a larger refrigerator.

Bartlesville, OK


Amana Side-by-Side Refrigerator

3.5 4