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Front Load Washers
Amana NFW7600XW Washer

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Amana Front Load Washer manufacture 2005


You never forget buying your first home. My family did ours with a move across country. It's the greatest feeling to finally use of all of your hard earned money to start decorating your home and filling it with everything of your choice to make it become a home. I received an awesome price on this duo, and with the energy star rating and efficiency of the unit, how could you go wrong? Well withing the first 2 months, it started becoming off balance a lot. I did everything I could to ensure its stability. After that the timer began getting less accurate and each load took literally 2 hours although the screen display tells you 49. i see it lingering on particular numbers quite a bit as I confusing take the trip downstairs to change the load and think to myself am I losing track of time or my mental capacity!!!? Still going after 7 years though, so its durable and gets the job done



Easy to use


We purchased this Front End Loading Washing because we were limited with space we had to use. I never had front lading machine before because I always had a Top Loading Machine with the Agitator. I spoke with other people that I knew who had this type, so we thought we would give it try. I love it!!!! It's space saving has many different settings to chose from and it is not noisy at all. I highly recommend this product when shopping for one. Energy Efficiency Many different settings to chose from depending on the amount of washing your doing to the type of fabrics. Cleaning Time You can choose from several different settings I most always use 29 minutes and it des the job very well. Performance Definitely no complaints about the performance of this Washing Machine. We have never had any problems with it either. Ease of Use Not difficult at all. I thought I would have at least a couple problems learning just how and when to use the different setting....but no problems at all. Design It looks very nice and "up to date in design". Durability Very good. I don't expect to have any problems with it at all

Grand Haven, MI


Good washer for the price


This being in the lower scale of pricing as far as washers of this size, its a pretty good deal. Had a few draining problems and had to have it serviced at just under two years but luckily we had purchased a two year warranty. Since then its been about a year and a half and no more issues.

Ashland, VA


Amana NFW7600XW Washer

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