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Amana NAV8800E Top Load Washer

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Seems to work well so far!


As a family of six, we go though an amazing amount of clothes and bedding! We just bought a washer of a different brand, and that one didn't last even a year and a half. We do laundry daily, at least one load a day, but two loads a day is also common for us as well. The last washer was a huge disappointment and even though it lasted about a year and a half, for most of that time period the washer was not cleaning our clothes very well. This new Amana washer is great at that so far. I have used various cycles and they have all worked well. The machine is pretty quiet for most of the time and the spin cycle is also much quieter and efficient than my last washer. I do love this washer because it was actually one of the cheaper models we looked at and I like getting something for cheaper and not having to sacrifice anything by not buying one of the top models. Now that we have gone through a few washers way before they should have broken, I'm hesitant to pay a lot. One thing I don't care for about this washer is that it won't do the first full of water if the top is open. Now I like to add soap and then clothes as it's filling and I can't do it with this washer. I have to repeatedly open and close the door to get it to fill as I'm adding clothes. It does this because it senses the water level needed as it's filling with water. It even does this when I have selected the knob to do a deep water wash so it really should not be sensing water levels when I've picked for it to fill completely. Its an efficient washer but I always do a full load and like it to fill all the way especially when I'm washing sheets or heavily soiled clothes, such as my husband's yucky work clothes. The only problem I've had so far was that I tried to wash a few pieces of clothes in the same load as my daughter's twin comforter. The blanket is not that big and it's not super fluffy either and it would not spin out correctly. The washer came on that it was done and the blanket and clothes were wet.



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We've had this washer for almost 7 1/2 years. With 3 boys under 5, we do alot of laundry. We usually do about 2 loads per day. This washer has been able to keep up with the demand and our clothes are always clean. The only issue that we have had is the motor. We did have to replace the motor about 1 year to 1 1/2 years ago. But this was a very cheap fix compared to getting a new washer. After 7 1/2 years, we do have some squeaking, when the washer is running, but our washer is in the basement, and this doesn't affect the quality of the clean clothes. Energy Efficiency It is over 7 years old, so I'm sure that they make more energy efficient models now. Cleaning Time It takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the load size and the cycle. Ease of Use It is very easy to use. Just put soap and clothes in and then turn the knobs. Durability This washer has lasted about 7 1/2 years for us, so pretty durable.

Felton, PA


Amana NAV8800E Top Load Washer

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