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Amana NAV6800AW Top Load Washer

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Pretty Good Washer


This washer is pretty good. It does a good job washing clothes but I have a few complaints and things I have learned about it. I never use bleach in our washer because it seems like it doesn't drain all the way and then I get bleach spots on our clothes. Color safe bleach is fine though. I also don't like the detergent cup placement because it doesn't seem to get empty. So I just put our detergent on the clothes directly.. Energy Efficiency I'm not really sure how energy efficient it is. I don't think it is too bad but I'm sure there are better ones out there. Cleaning Time I am pleased with how long it takes to run a load. It seems pretty good. Performance It does a good job cleaning our clothes. I have young kids so I always pre-spot them and I run everything on cold and it seems to do a good job. Ease of Use Really easy to use and adjust the settings. Design I'm not sure if these are design flaws or it is just our washer but like I said previously I never use bleach because it seems like in gets onto the next load and I don't put the detergent in the cup because it doesn't seems to empty properly. Durability We bought this washer used and that was about 5 years ago and it is still running great.



Amana NAV6800AW Top Load Washer

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