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Amana High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer

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Great simple machine


This washer does what a washer should...it cleans your clothes and cleans them well. It is a little noisy but it's also at half the price of most of the washers. I have never hneeded to clean clothes multiple times like the other person mentioned and I wash at least one load a day. The water is auto sensed but you can have it do an extra rinse if you would like. This washer works great for my family and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good basic washer.

Columbus Ohio


Worst Washing Machine Ever


We purchased a new Amana Model # NTW4750YQ washing machine in May 2014. Our new washer has been the absolute worst washing machine that we have ever owned. Clothes never come out clean (even after two or three washing attempts. It doesn't have a lint filter so clothes have lint spots so our dark colored clothes have to be run through the full cycle again (without using soap). User/owners must have enough control over a washing machine to determine the amount of water to do an effective wash. Owner/users must also be able to open and close the lid anytime without the machine shutting down its current operation, and they must be able to stop or start the machine in any cycle at their discretion. This machines computer decides when to begin any activity so waiting on it is another aggravation. The locking lid is so ridiculous as you can never see what it is doing. The lack of water level control makes some things are dirtier after they are washed than before, regardless of the type of detergents used! Forget about washing bed spreads, blankets, mattress covers, bath robes, large towels, or even a small throw rug,... this machine doesn't seem to know to do with them. Placing the blame on government mandated regulations is absurd as all the manufacturers could and should refuse to allow any government bureaucrat dictate how their experienced engineers design and build their washing machines or any other product. The only reason our Amana washer and dryer get a one star in the rating is that there is not an option for a ZERO or MINUS rating.

Winston Salem NC


Amana High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer

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