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Amana Gas Dryer

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Good Value- Amana Gas Dryer NGD7200TW


I puchased this dryer about a year ago and it works great. I have a family member that works at Whirlpool so I was able to get an excellent deal on the Front Load Washer that matches this dryer. I bought it because of the price and to support a local manufacturer. I love the look of the dryer and it works great. The only problem is that I did not buy the risers because they were really expensive (even through my familiy member). Since I did not purchase them, it is very easy to bumb the dryer start button and stop the dryer. It is not a huge deal, just more of an inconvienience. My two year old son likes to turn the dryer on and watch the clothes go around. It is not an issue now, but once he learns how to open it and put things in it then I might have to come up with a solution. The dryer has a variety of settings, including wrinkle release. It seems to dry clothes fairly quickly. I think it is a good value even if not purchased at a discount.

Kalamazoo, MI


Amana Gas Dryer

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