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Front Load Washers
Amana Front Load Washer

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Great Washer!


I have been using this washing machine for over a year now and it works wonders! I have never had any issues and my clothes are washed cleanly to the point it doesn't take much time in the dryer! Great washing machine and easy to use!





I have had this washer for about 3 years and I've had nothing but issues with this washer. I'm so disappointed. I can't wait to get a new one. It's ridiculous. It eats clothes, tears them up, the seal actually broke apart during a cycle. Tonight it actually flooded my living room!! I hate hate hate this washer!!!!! I'm so angry right now. Thumbs down.... customer service is of no help either unless you like to call overseas and talk to someone you can't understand. Do not buy this washer!!!!

lumberton nc


The huge capacity means fewer loads to do! Love it!


One of the first qualities of the Amana Super Capacity washing machine that attracted me was the stainless steel tub.  The last washer I had eventually developed rust spots under the painted coating, and if you left clothes in the washer for one second after the cycle stopped, the rust would stain the clothes.  It took some searching to find a stainless steel tub, but Amana has it. Also, it's super large capacity is wonderful.  We often wash comforters due to cats in the house, and a normal-sized washer just moves the comforter in circles because it's so stuffed full, the comforter can't circulate or get rinsed by the water.  However, the Amana washer is super-large, so there is enough room in there to make you feel like stuff is doing more than just getting wet and then getting spun dry. It has settings for heavy wash, extra rinse, normal loads, and a hand-wash for gentle things. There is a cup built in to the top of the agitator where you can pour in fabric softener.  It also has a bleach dispenser at the side where you can pour in your bleach and it runs down inside the machine and mixes with the water pouring in at the bottom.  This prevents any accidental splashing of bleach directly onto your clothes. There are several settings also for you to choose different load levels, so you're not wasting water on small jobs. The only negative thing I can say (and it's probably my fault) is that once when I washed my husband's tennis shoes, the weight of the shoes made two of the little fins on the agitator break off.  I wouldn't recommend washing shoes.

Burleson, TX


Amana Front Load Washer

3.7 3