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French Door Refrigerators
Amana French Door Refrigerator AFI2538AEW AFI2538AEB

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A Great Amana Refrigerator


We have an Amana french door refrigerator and it is awsome. I really like having the freezer on the bottom and there is a ton of room in the freezer. The freezer has sliding drawers that are great for frequently used products. The bottom compartments are deep and hold alot of food. The refrigerator is spacious and very convenient. The shelves pull out so you can easily access items in the back. All the shelves remove easily so you can clean your refigerator with no problems. There is a big drawer across the bottom that is the width of the refrigerator and it is great for storing cans of soda or other hard to store items. Our refrigerator has a ice maker in the door along with a water dispenser. It is really convenient to have it on the outside. I do wish that the icemaker was a bit smaller as you lose valuable real estate inside of the refrigerator because of where the ice maker is located. I like that the refrigerator is easily temperature controlled and if we put away leftovers that aren't totally cooled, there is a feature that allows you to boost the cooling so you can cool the interior sooner.

Springfield, OR


Great looking refrigerator but short on space


This refrigerator might be great looking, but I've found it difficult to fit as much in as my side-by-side.  The freezer is also inconvenient in that you can't see everything when you open the drawer.  Items are stacked and in baskets, so you have to dig to get the items you want.

Kansas City, MO


Amana French Door Refrigerator/Freezer


The Amana French door refridgerator which has the freezer on the bottom is practical, durable and also looks nice in the kitchen.  I thought this was a good design since you use the refrigerator more than you use the freezer section.  It is spacious inside the top refridgerator and has lots of adjustable shelves.  You have two doors and there is lots of room in the doors to store milk, juices and other items.  There is a bin for vegetables and one for fruits.  There is also a section for lunch meats and cheese, a large pizza and anything else from the deli department with a separate temperature control.  We had so many problems with the side by sides and the ice dispenser/water dispenser that we decided to forgo that convenience and just have an ice maker inside the freezer section and that has worked out great.   The freezer section has two big shelves plus the ice maker is tucked in the back left side.  It has a nice look to it and is pretty quiet and you can turn off the ice maker during the winter months when you really don't use that much ice!  At first I missed our side by sides but I really love my French door refridgerator so much now and would never choose another design!  Of course it is an energy star appliance!

Clovis, CA


I'm not exactly in love with the "french door" refridgerator.


We bought this refriedgerator after I did some research on other brands - got a steal on this particular fridge, so I can't complain too loudly.  However - the brand I bought is not the issue.  It's the style.  After having a side-by-side style fridge for umpteen years, when we moved and I had to get a new one, I decided the french door bottom freezer was the way to go.  Not.  While the features of this style are attractive - I have a wide, slide out drawer (think junk drawer for your food), filtered ice & water in the door, sturdy wire baskets in the freezer compartment, adjustable shelves - it's the way the space is organized that is the problem.  I considered the LG fridge that has the icemaker unit in the door, and it seemed to be a better use of space, but price was a problem.  This fridge is pretty much the standard for where the icemaker is placed - upper left-hand corner - and it is one of the things that takes up a lot of space.  Also, it seems like the way the shelving is configured is not very space-economical.  If I adjust one of the shelves to accomodate tall items, I completely lose another shelf below.  I know that sounds like, "well duh! what did you expect?"  But it's one of those things that you sort of have to see to understand.  In my old side-by-side, I could adjust for taller items and still have shelf room left below.  In this new style, I have only one place in the door for milk, juice, sodas, etc., and it holds 2-3 items only.  The freezer is also a sore spot - think miniature chest freezer, you know the type where everything is sort of dumped into it and you have to stand on your head to find anything.  Rummage, rummage, rummage, freeze, freeze, freeze!  Now where is that package of strawberries I put in here last month - ah, there it is, on the very bottom under 2 tons of miscellaneous frozen items.  Well, you can't have everything, I guess, and especially not if you are on a tight budget.  The Amana name is still great, although now made by Whirpool Corp.  It's a beautiful appliance, and it does a good job at what it's supposed to do - keep stuff cold.  Just not very organized.

Newnan, GA


Very nice with quirks


We have had this refrigerator for a couple months now and we like it a lot. There are a couple of quirks we have found that if we thought it through maybe would have made us get a different model.1) The ice maker in this model sits above the shelf on the left hand side. Some others we looked at had the ice maker build into the left hand door. In hind sight that would be a better fit. The ice make above the shelf takes up a lot of room and because you still have the shoot for ice built into the door you don't pick up any room by having it above the shelf.2) There is a full width pull out storage drawer which we really like. We don't like the fact that you have to open both doors to get into it. Two half width drawers would. You can't even flip the top up to get into the drawer with out opening both drawers.Overall we like the refrigerator a lot, but after living with it for awhile we can appreciate the design of some other models we looked at.

Billerica, MA


Amana French Door Refrigerator AFI2538AEW AFI2538AEB

3.8 5