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Amana DLE231RA Gas Dryer

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A very sufficient dryer!


I have had great results with this dryer. It doesn't take more than 35 mins to fully dry the clothes. Works great when you have a quick washer to go along with it! Load Capacity You can put a fairly large amount of clothes or a thick load of towels & it still drys at the same time length. Performance The dryer's performance is good, it does not take too long to dry nor does it take a short time. Ease of Use It's very simple to use, there's only two buttons besides the signal on/off switch. Each button has easy to read texts on the dials. Anyone can set the dials because it is a very light turn, no force is needed. Good for anyone with arthritis or a child learning to do chores. Durability The dryer has taken a beating over the years & is still in good working condition. I would absolutely recommend this dryer to anyone who needs one used. Design The design is just fine, white with blue accents. Fits most anyone's home & doesn't clash with much of anything. The physical design such as how it is made, works great as well. Opens on the side, smooth door. The dials are easy to read as well. The print has not worn off yet.



Amana DLE231RA Gas Dryer

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