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Amana Built-in Dishwasher

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Average Dishwasher at an Average Price


The best thing about this dishwasher is the fact that it boasts impressive sound insulation. Compared to my last dishwasher, this dishwasher makes hardly any noise no matter what cycle it is set to. Additionally, it cleans dishes quite well. The silverware, however, is another matter. Because the utensil baskets are mounted on the door, the silverware almost never get perfectly clean. I am always checking to make sure that they are clean before I put them back in the drawer. Even worse, though the specifications of the product suggest that it can clean up after a meal with up to 14 place settings, the reality is that it can only handle the dishes of a family of maybe four or five. This is due to the small interior depth and slightly awkward design of the racks. Finally, the control panel quit on us after approximately a year. Luckily, we had purchased an extended warranty, so we were able to have it replaced free of charge. I would recommend that prospective buyers reconsider their purchase of this item and choose a model better able to deliver more consistent results. Noise Level Extremely quiet, which allows you to run a load of dishes even while company is still over. Cleaning Time The cleaning time is better than average in my opinion, but I only have experience with the dishwasher that I had previous to this one. Loading Flexibility The interior of the dishwasher is on the smaller size. Compounded by the design of the racks, which are bent to accommodate plates and bowls (but nothing else it seems. . .), I feel as if I can fit less items in this model than I had done with the model I owned previously. Performance The dishwasher cleans dishes very well, though the poorly designed, door-mounted utensil baskets makes it so that the silverware always seem to need a second rinse. Design This model exhibits a poor design overall, in that the utensil baskets are mounted on the door, and the interior of the unit is much smaller than average. Durability The dishwasher lasted us about a year before the control panel needed replacement. In that we were able to receive service free under our extended warranty, this was not a problem. However, for those without a warranty, the lack of a more durable control panel might result in a hefty service charge.

Ojai, CA


I Love my Amana Dishwasher


We just received this Amana dishwasher last week and I love it! It has so many features that make my old Whirlpool seem archaic.  - 2 Detachable Silverware trays with covers - Silverware trays can be placed anywhere in the lower rack - Top rack actually accommodates our many mugs, Our old one did a poor job as the handles always stuck out. - The dry cycles is much quicker! I love this as I always felt I was wasting energy - It is Energy Star Rated - It fits a lot of dishes! My family of 3 could go a few days between cycles - Cleans dishes so well, minimal rinsing is needed - It was so easy to operate we didn't even need to look at the instruction manual We have the black model and it is so very sleek looking!  The only reason I gave this a 4 instead of 5 star rating, is noise. This particular dishwasher runs a little bit louder than I would expect from a newer model. But, I also realize this is a lower end model and the more expensive ones are probably quieter.

Dayville, CT


Amana ADB1500AW is amazing!


I've owned 2 Amana AW1500AW dishwashers.  I love the fact that it holds a ton of dishes.  The silverware tray is located on the door of the dishwasher which allows for more dishes to be loaded on the bottom.  The tiered top rack allows for short and tall dishes to be washed top rack only. The only reason I've owned 2 is because we moved into a new house and I made my hubby buy a new one for the new home! 

Red Lion, PA


Amana Built-in Dishwasher

4.0 3