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Amana 7.1 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

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very nice


It's a very good contains many and varied and has a high, easy to use and load specifications and advantages of the best buys everyone This dryer is one of the best that I have ever had! It even dries bulky loads evenly with no wrinkles! The lint filter is large, sturdy, and easy to remove and replace. The control panel appears very clear and easy to use I throw my clothes in, set controls, relax and get my wrinkle-free laundry!! Every time!! I'd also like to point out that the instruction manual that came with it is very thorough and helpful. I purchased the Samsung Electric Dryer at the same time I purchased the Samsung Washer so that they would match and I really enjoy the combination set ................................................................................................................................................. very nice thanks to www.viewpoints.com



Not a dream come true


After owning a 1970's 'stack pack' washer and dryer combo, I was excited to purchase a shiny new frontload washer and dryer. Until about 6 weeks later when the washer broke! This happened 3 more times in the next 6 months before we finally traded for a new topload, instead. Load Capacity One of it's most alluring features, the large load capacity was ideal for our large family. This feature was great, but did not outweigh the fact that the machine continued to break. Performance When it works, it is wonderful. When it breaks down, it is a nightmare! I have four small children and a blue-collar husband. Laundry is constant so when the machine is in the repair shop for THREE WEEKS, Mama isn't happy! Ease of Use This machine is quite easy to use when it's in working order. When it suddenly stops mid-cycle...not so much. Durability The motherboard went out after 3 weeks. The seal broke after 8 weeks. The new seal broke after 12 weeks. The start button fell off and we decided to return it! Design I love the design! This was the exact machine I wanted because of the fancy frontload style, economical engineering, and sleek look. I did not bargain for the design on the INSIDE being so terrible.



Amazing performance for such a good value!


I absolutely love my Amana dryer. I went from an old dryer to this and I was amazed. This dryer is so efficient. It dries an entire (large!) load of laundry in no more than 30 minutes! I have also seen a difference in my electric bill. Very good, very efficient, very happy!



A fair dryer


This dryer is very easy to use and very sturdy. It has a large number of settings to choose from. I had to give it a lower score on load capacity and performance because I often have to set it up on 99 minutes to get my dark loads dry and sometimes have to add more after that. It does sing a nice little song though when it is done, which is good for alerting you.

Linn Creek, MO


my amana dryer is my pride and joy


i bought the amana washer and was so pleased with it that i just had to have the dryer. it is so great. i bought the front loader, and of course the drawer that it sits on which is perfect for storing my laundry needs. my dryer is just what i needed and now it is a pleasire doing my laundry. i love the special features  such as wrinkle free drying, timed drying and so forth.  there is even a misical chime to let me know when my clothes are dry. since i have the front load it is even easier to put my clothes in the dryer, i love the size and the load capicity of my dryer, i can even dry my comforters without having to take them in to a dry cleaner, that is so great. i  do alt of laundry, i tend to dig around in dirt quite a bit with my gardening so i can tell you that my purchasing the amana washer and dryer is one of the best investments that i have ever made. they make laundry almost fun.

Sandia, TX


Amana 7.1 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

4.2 5