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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Amana 21.9 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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On par with most refrigerators.


The Amana brand refrigerator is not bad by any means. However, I will say that the door can be difficult to open from time to time but I feel that the issue has more to do with an uneven floor than it does with the construction of the refrigerator. The same reason more than likely applies to why the freezer door does not always shut firmly unless all but slammed. Noise Level I would say that there is little to no noticeable noise created by this refrigerator apart from the soft electrical hum. Temperature Control The Amana brand refrigerator has a temperature control system that is both easy to use and easy to understand. Ease of Cleaning Unless the mess was created by some kind of sticky and gross leakage, the cleaning of the shelves and drawers is very simple and not at all time consuming. Durability I have not had the refrigerator long enough to give good information here, it was only recently purchased to replace a slightly smaller refrigerator that had stopped working. Design The simple white of the Amana refrigerator looks like many other refrigerators and would look like it belonged in any other kitchen just as well as it looks like it belongs in mine.



A product that knows that not everyone want ice maker


I was looking for new refrigerator and found only Amana don't put in icemaker as our water is so hard and so full of minerals that it would need water filter just for it. This is a large refrigerator well organized and hold over 100 lbs in freezer which is a draw on the bottom so you can see what you want out of it . Looks beautiful in my new kitchen Noise Level no noise Interior Organization Door holds gallon of milk and 2 gallons of OJ on one self and still have room the other shelf all the dressings and butter area hold 4 pounds.. the little under the shelf drawer hold lunch meat and cheese . So you have lot of shelf space Temperature Control Allow you to set freezer temp and refrigerator by themselves which gives you control Ease of Cleaning Shelves are easy to remove to clean and the out side just wipe off Durability I know this refrigerator will last a long time Design With the drawer at bottom makes easy to store more so fewer trips to grocery store only for bread, milk . the crisper drawers keep vegetables fresh longer then my last refrigerator did

Truth Or Consequences, NM


Fantastic piece of an Amana Appilance!


Where do I begin with such a work of art, sorta speak. Ever since we bought this beautiful but yet amazing refrigator, I can't get over the fact of how roomy both the top part of the refrigator and the bottom part which is the freezer.The shelves come out so easily so you can make the size wanted and moreso needed. The space it has in both the refrigator & freezer is simply amazing! I just Love it! This is on appilance I'll never regret buying. Whenever I come home from shopping I don't ever worry about buying to much as it fits in so easy & compact. Plus the veggie & fruit containers really keeps them fresh for a good period of time. On the inside of the door the shelves are also removable to your size of liking or needing, with a closeable lid. Oh, forgot to mention, there is also a sliding container for cheese, lunch meats, or whatever?! I just know I made a wise purchase when I bought this refrigator which makes me happy & evertime I open it! Noise Level There realyy is none, and if there is it's so guiet you can't hear anyway. Interior Organization All I can say is it's perfect Temperature Control I leave it on level 4 and it stays there not having to change it at all Ease of Cleaning A warm dishcloth is fine Durability it's stand up Design plain & simple with an off white color that matches my kitchen

Buffalo, NY


Amana 21.9 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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