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Amana 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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Good deal


I originally did not want this unit when we got it for really cheap because it was some off name that I had never heard of and didn't think that it would be a high quality air conditioner. However, I was wrong and it was totally worth the money to get these (which I now own four of for each bedroom). They aren't extremely powerful but they can cool off a large room in like minutes. However, I wish that it wasn't so loud because I cannot sleep with the noice that it makes all night long. It isn't very fancy and doesn't have many advanced features on it but it definetely gets the job done and it was very affordable (even though I bought it at the height of the season). It is durable and cools well and thats all that matters

Clifton Park, NY


Real Bargain


I started with buying one of these air conditioners for my house over the summer and I was so pleased with them that I ended up buying four of them. They were very affordable even though I bought it in the middle of air conditioning season. The unit itself is pretty heavy and bulky but it is very durable for the price I paid. My biggest regret is that it isn't the most energy efficient unit out there (though the price difference between other units were huge). The unit isn't very loud or disruptive to the household and it keeps the room consistently cool once its cooled though it does take a while to cool off a room once its turned on, overall, I would recommend this brand to a friend. Before I bought it, I was very hessitant to buy an appliance from a company that I had never heard of but overall I was very pleased afterwards that I decided to buy from this off-brand company, it really paid off!!

Clifton Park, NY


Amana 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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