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AmSafe Aviation
AmSafe Aviation Cares -- Kids Fly Safe

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Keep Your Child Safe on an Airplane


The CARES system is the only system I know of for keeping a toddler/pre-school child safely secured in his/her own seat.  The system, which weighs only a pound, goes over the seat and then the child's head,  It attaches to the regular adult seatbelt and securely keeps your child in his/her own seat.  It does not get in their way, and our daughter sleeps soundly in it (we travel extensively, mostly internatioanlly),  We first learned of this system with the head of American Airlines devoted a column to it in January 2007.  We purchased ours shortly thereafter and are quite happy with it.  We've lent it out to several friends, who also love it (they only have to use ours once before they buy their own). My only criticism of the product is that it does not have a 5th point coming up through the legs.  This means that a younger child can slip down in the system (we counter that by placing a blanket under her knees). I'm not one to tout products, but child safety is very imporant to me.  This is as good as it gets.  The webiste is: http://kidsflysafe.com/


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AmSafe Aviation Cares -- Kids Fly Safe

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