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Altec Lansing
Altec Lansing - inMotion iM7 ipod Docking Station

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Altec Lansing delivers--again


Altec Lansing, whatever the product, typically hits the proverbial ball out of the park. The output of this docking station, despite its deceptively small footprint, is just excellent. Bass output is incredible and gives any music a nice, heavy bottom, if the listener so desires. Particularly inviting is the remote, which allows control from across the room; you must, however, be careful to point the remote directly at the dock for it to work effectively. Its best feature is the ability to adjust bass and treble remotely, along with volume and song selection. Best of all, the dock travels very easily, and heavy-duty batteries guarantee a top-notch "mobile" experience. The inMotion docking station is my third Altec Lansing dock; I also have a desktop station that stays plugged in and is absolutely incredible. You just can't beat the sound quality of Altec Lansing products, and their pricing is typically very competitive. Sound Quality For the size of this dock, the sound quality is excellent.



Altec Lansing - inMotion iM7 ipod Docking Station

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