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Alpine Maid
Alpine Maid Alpine Maid Smoked Cheese

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Outstanding sums it up!!!


This is the worlds best cheese and cracker cheese. It's nutty, and robust. It has the best fullness. It is wonderfull with wine and in my case beauiful sparkling grape juice. It is very creamy in the center, but it has the wonderful hardness of smoking on the outside. If you chose correctly and get a rind that is very dark it will have the most nutty and best smoked flavor on the inside. This is the most decadant chesse that I choose to eat. It is better than the most exspensive gouda or brie that you can buy at any grocer here in the Great Smokey Mountains. Which is pretty hard to do. lol. I sing the praises of this cheese to everyone I know and have branded it to my entire family it my "precious" cheese. LOL No one touches it they all value their fingers more than that. But in all reality, even the pickiest cheese eater will adore this cheese, they get sucked in by the robust nutty flavor and do not realize it truly is cheese.

Otto, NC


Alpine Maid Alpine Maid Smoked Cheese

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