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Aloha Breeze
Aloha Breeze 20" High Velocity Floor Fan

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Perfect office fan


I purchased the Aloha Breeze floor fan to help cool off my office space on the stuffy days where turning up the air conditioner would be too costly for our bottom line. It really did a fine job cooling off the space, despite the rather large square footage of the interior of the office. It had multiple settings which helped maintain the office temperature at more reasonable speeds once the temperature was dropped from its initial heat. There was no noticeable dent in our energy bill, which was our primary concern and reason for purchasing a fan in the first place rather than just ramping up the air conditioner. For anyone looking for a reliable, basic fan to cool their space, I would highly recommend this model.

New Albany, OH


Works great for a fan, model 12001


20" High Velocity floor fan, I got two of them, for moving the air in my house to help keep the air floing in my house. My air in the house is at 80** for the summer and I was cool!! With the help of these fans!!

Corapeake, NC


Aloha Breeze 20" High Velocity Floor Fan

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