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Alocril Allergy Eye Drops

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The BEST eye drops for extreme allergies!


My eyes suffer from extreme itching and burning due to seasonal allergies in the Spring and Fall. The BEST relief I have found is with Alocril (Nedocromil) Allergy Eye Drops. These are prescription drops to be used once or twice a day as needed. I have tried over the counter Visine, Bausch and Lomb Alaway, and Similasan allergy eye drops, but none of these provide relief during my worst cases. My eyes have itched and burned so badly that I could not even open them, but a drop or two of Alocril gave almost immediate relief. The only bad part is that they leave a somewhat sour metallic taste in the back of my throat shortly after using the drops. I have found that sucking on a peppermint or other hard candy will help get rid of most of the aftertaste. The longer I leave my head tilted back after putting in the drops, the stronger the metallic taste becomes. Because of the taste, I normally only use Alocril during the worst part of allergy season.

Pelzer, SC


Alocril Allergy Eye Drops

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