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Almeda University - Experiential Learning Degrees

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Finally life experiences have Value


I had three other college degrees before I applied to Almeda for my Masters Degree. The folks at Almeda examined my three college transcripts along with my professional accreditation, licenses, and job experiences. Life is full of learning experiences. it is truly nice that a college takes those experiences into factor with regard to college diplomas. Class Selection The selection offered of available degrees is amazing. There is a degree program for almost anyone. Teaching Quality I found the people at Almeda University to be professional, courtesy, knowledgeable, and great to deal with throughout my Masters degree. Financial Aid I did not need any, but I am sure that the Financial Aide folks are as great as the rest of the folks at Almeda University. Accreditation Almeda University holds a multitude of accreditation's from across the country. My degree from Almeda has always been beneficial to me in finding a job.



Almeda University - Diploma Mill... Absolutely!!!


**Almeda University** (*Just another diploma mill)*      Almeda University is an online service that offers credit for a degree of your choice by evaluating your work history and life experience, as well as your formal education experience.  Or at least that's what this diploma mill would like you to think.  Almeda University is just another scam out to get your money.  The so called "degrees" they offer are not accredited whatsoever and aren't worth the paper they are printed on.  There is even a website that an individual claims to have gotten a district manger position using one of these degrees, however, I dare say that this individual is either affiliated with an online diploma mill or has simply pulled a fast one on her superiors and just so happened to be qualified for the job by her own merits.      Almeda University predominantly appears in google searches offer their degrees.  After finally taking the time to research and apply for one of these degrees I believe that I have fully discredited their claim to review your experience thoroughly.  I did apply for a masters and a bachelors degree through Almeda and listed my work history and community service experience vaguely and chose the pull-down option that said I had completed at least 2 years of college.  After about 24 hrs. I received an email notifying me that I was approved for both degrees.  Later I even received a letter in the mail concerning the degrees I had "earned."  The reason I say that this is a bogus program is because Almeda requires no documentation or verification of anything you list, and never even inquires about any details from you previous college experience.  You don't have to provide a transcript or even declare why your experience is relevant to the degree you are applying for.  Also, this process only took me about 15 minutes and I was offered a master's in occupational safety and health as well as a bachelor's in general sciences for a little less than $800 for the whole package.  I can tell you from experience and some association with occupational safety experts that I am nowhere near qualified for such a degree.  This program is just another diploma mill out to take your money.  They also do not mention that in many states (like Texas for example) these degrees are **illegal** and **unacceptable**.      If you managed to get a job using one of these degrees chances are that you may find yourself fired within two weeks when someone realizes that you don't have the appropriate level of skill, knowledge, or experience which an honest student or industry veteran (who may qualify for such a degree) has to offer.  I am writing this review to **WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM ALMEDA UNIVERSITY AND ITS NON-PUBLICLY AFFILIATED BRANCHES WHICH ARE ALL DIPLOMA MILL MONEY TAKING SCHEMES.  **Thank you for reading this review, if you or a friend has had success with such a degree then good for you, you beat the system by saving money and using a fake degree.  I am truly happy for you because I myself have been overlooked for jobs that I have the knowledge and experience to do but lack a degree.  Still, I will not change my mind concerning this issue as nothing is accredited and there is no requirement of proving your knowledge such as competency tests or documentation.  Please do not waste your hard earned money on a piece of paper and a plaque that has just as much value as if you had made it yourself. Here is a list of known diploma mills that may help someone considering a life experience degree. * American Pacific Western International University * American State University * American World University * Ashford University (London) * Ashwood University * Belford University * Brentwick University * Breyer State University * Bronte International University * Buxton University * Camford Business School * Canbourne University * Columbia Pacific University * Concordia College and University * Degrees-R-Us * Ellington University * Glendale University * Golden State University * Greenwich University * Hamilton University * Harrington University * Hartley University * Hololulu University * Instantdegrees.com * Edison University * James Monroe International University * James Monroe University * Kennedy-Western University * Kingsfield University * Knightsbridge University * Landford University * LaSalle University (Louisiana) * Lexington University * Madison University * Northfield University * Pacific International University * Pacific Western University * Parkwood University * Patriot Bible University * Richardson University * Robertstown University * Rochville University * Shaftesbury University * Shelbourne University * Shepperton University * St. Clements University * St. Regis University * Stanton University * Strassford University * Suffield University * Thornewood University * Trinity College and University * Trinity Southern University * University Consulting Inc. * University Degree Program (UDP) * University of Bedford * University of Berkley * University of Devonshire * University of Dunham * University of Ravenhurst * University of San Moritz * University of Wexford * Vancouver University Worldwide * Warnborough University * Warren National University * Weston Reserve University

Bossier City, LA


Almeda University is an Excellent online Institution !!


Almeda University is one of the very few online universities that really provides a degree with consderation, valuation and verification. Most sites do not verificaions expect to take your money. Almeda is a recognized, accreditied and well establihsed online institituion that I would recommend.

Saint Petersburg, FL


My Almeda University Degree


 I got me Masters Degree from Almeda University last fall while I was working full time as a UPS driver. I was able to get my degree while working full time and was not required to spend hours of my time taking tests or going to class. My Almeda degree enabled me to be promoted from a driver to a manager and has increased my pay. My supervisor was able to confirm my credits and degree with the records department. Almeda has really helped me to succeed in my current position. Thanks Almeda. 

Jacksonville, FL


Almeda University - A Great Alternative to Traditional Learning


         It is amazing how quickly the internet has grown - ten or fifteen years ago it was much smaller, with only a select group of people using it. Now almost everyone uses the internet, and on it you can find almost everything that you find in the real world - bookstores, cinemas, places to hang out, and, yes, Universities. While a few years ago, the idea of getting a degree online would have been preposterous, nowadays it is perfectly normal, and in many ways is a better way of getting an education that traditional schools.            With the amazing power of online technology, you can get a degree from an online school  just as easily, if not much more easily, on the internet. If you think about it, the classes are the same, and as you can work on your own schedule, you can work on it at the times that are right for you. While some degrees need access to extensive labs (such as some chemistry or biology), for most all you really need to do is read the textbook (or 'text page') and take the tests. And even for the natural sciences, there are ways you can still complete a degree entirely online!            Almeda University www.almedauniversity.org offers a full range of online degrees, from business administration to theology to the Arts and more. They also offer advanced degrees, such as the Masters or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These are the credentials that let your career soar, all available entirely over the internet. They also offer a number of special programs, and their course offerings are always expanding. All professors are also either CAEL or NAOAA certified, and most have backgrounds in major universities.            Almeda University is also innovative in using 'Prior Learning Assessment'. This is a way of offering credit to students based on their educational background and life experience. Students can submit a detailed portfolio with their relevant life experience, which is then read by a professor with expertise in their area, and credit is assigned where necessary. You can also submit transcripts from other schools, to avoid the pointless drudgery of repeating classes you have already taken.            The world has changed amazing quickly - and with the growth of the internet, it can now make sense to get your degree online. Why go out of your way to attend a brick and mortar University when you can get the credentials at home. Or, why keep working the same dead end job when you could get a degree in your spare time?

Chicago, IL


Almeda University - Experiential Learning Degrees

4.2 5