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Almay Truly Lasting Color - All Shades

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I love my Almay Truly Lasting Color


I started using Almay Truly Lasting Color (TLC) several years ago, and it's still my favorite lip color.  It comes in double ended tube with color at one end and gloss at the other.  Each end has it's own applicator.  You apply the color first, it does sometimes take two coats to get even coverage.  You need to let the color dry, don't blot or rub.   Once the color is dry then apply the gloss over top.  If your gloss applicator picks up color,  you didn't wait long enough before applying it.  Done correctly, there is no clumping as I've read about in some of the other reviews.  I  think they may have been applying the gloss without first letting the color dry.  The color will last all day or all night, through eating, drinking, blotting or anything else.  To keep the shine, you do need to reapply the gloss periodically.  Since this is made to last through eating and drinking, simply washing with water won't take it off, you need to use makeup remover or soap to remove it.  It may be more expensive than some, but it's worth it! Since you only apply it once per day, a tube lasts for a very long time.

Richmond, VA


It lasts - but it feels awful.


The sale was good, so I ventured out of my usual makeup brands and took a chance on Almay Truly Lasting Color. Although I'm not a big fan of the wand-style applicator, I liked the idea of a lip color that would actually stay on. I chose the color Truly Blossom, and was fairly pleased with that particular shade. But the goopy texture was odd. I thought that maybe it would just take a little time to dry, so I tried not to think about it as I drove to work. Before I got out of the car, I checked my lips in the mirror. The color looked good. I pressed my lips together a couple of times and was bothered by the gummy strings that remained connected between my lips. How awful to be talking to someone while wearing this, knowing others would be able to see this! I tried to blot the lip color off, but it only tore up the tissue and left little pieces of it adhered to my lips. So I went inside and headed straight to the restroom to grab a paper towel. I was able to remove a little bit of the tacky substance, enough to get through the day. Once home that evening, I did my usual routine of removing my makeup, but the lip color was still there. Yes, it did live up to its name. But it still felt rather odd, and it would not completely come off, even with my moist makeup towel. I've tried this product 3 more times, always with the same result. So as much as I hate to say it, Almay Truly Lasting Color is a wonderful idea, but the texture is so awful that I probably won't wear it again, and I certainly would not recommend it. There must be other long-lasting lip colors that feel much more pleasant to wear than this particular product.

Gulf Shores, AL


Love the Almay Tryly Lasting Color and my lips are beutiful!


I love this Almay Truly lasting color Lipstick.  I like the many colors and especially love the shine on the same tube.  I have purchased other products that have another tube to put the shine on. With the Almay I have both in one tube.  My boyfriend went to wipe off my kiss, thinking he had my lipstick on him. He was pleasantly surprised to know he could kiss on me and his lips were only shiny, not a nice shade of Bronze or Red. My lips feel soft and not chalky like some other products I have used. I will continue to purchase Almays Lasting lipstcks as they have the colors that fit my moods.  Even a light one that puts just a hint of color. If you haven't tried Almay Truly Lasting Color Lipsticks I would say buy one and give your guy a big smooch and see what he says!  A smile with color is a smie with lust and joy!  Take the challenge of trying a couple colors. Try one you never wear. You will be so surprised.  Light up your smile with the Almay lasting colors. They are the best.

Quartzsite, AZ


Nice pigmentation, But clumps up & peels off. Hardly attractive


I love the pigmentation of these, but regardless of previous exfoliation or lip balm, these AWAYS have a horrible, usually uneven application and the color will clump up on my lips within minutes.  Disappointing.

Berrien Springs, MI


Almay Truly Lasting Color Lipstick is long-lasting as promised


Almay Truly Lasting Lip Color (TLC on the package) is a good product for the money because it is long-lasting.  One of the things that I hate about lip sticks and lip glosses is that I lick my lips enough that they last almost no time at all.  Almay TLC does pretty much last the 6 - 8 hours that is promised, although it does take a little touch-up along the way.  The applicator for the color is a little sponge type tip that gives you a great ability to control the outline of your lips.  I like the gloss that comes with it and the nice shiny look it gives to your lips.  All in all, it is easy to get a nice professional shiny look. There are two downsides to Almay TLC.  The first and biggest problem is that the lip color does leave your lips feeling very dry.  You have to use the gloss fairly frequently to moisterize the look and feel of your lips.  The problem with this dryness is that it also makes it impossible to reapply the color over where it is staying on your lips.  You have to use a make-up remover before you do a new full application (touch-up on the inner edges of the lips can be done).  The second downside is that you must wait for the lip color to dry before putting on the gloss or the color will not last as long.  So it does take a couple of minutes to properly apply the lip color. 

Lake Forest, CA


Almay Truly Lasting Color - All Shades

3.0 5