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Almay Smart Shade Blush - All Shades

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Smooth and creamy with great color


I was a little skeptical of a creme or liquid blush as I had always used powders, but I was pleasantly surprised. I already loved Almay Smart Shades foundation and one time it came with a free sample of Almay Smart Shade Blush. It smoothed on nicely and I instantly liked the color. It blended in and gave some "blush" on my checks and did not leave a big bright splotch of color (that was my fear). Together, they paired up and gave my skin nice color that was even and flattering.

San Bernardino, CA


Almay Smart Shade Blush Makes It Easy!


I am an allergy sufferer and I have very fair skin. So, first I love the fact that Almay products are hypoallergenic. I have tried many different blushes and bronzers in both powder and pressed mineral form in the past. I was browsing in my hometown drugstore, however, and the Almay Smart Shade Blush caught my eye. I checked the product out and thought I'd give it a try. I matched my skin tone to the right shade for me, made easy by Almay, and made my purchase. When I got home, I washed my face and reapplied my makeup, using the new blush. It was fantastic!! It looked blended, but not too gaudy-which I hate, as I love the more natural look. It went on effortlessly. I was hooked.

Glendale, AZ


Smart Shade blush is okay


I was fascinated by the concept of a makeup that could be intelligent enough to create the perfect color based on your own unique skin. Unfortunately, the concept is better as a concept than as an actual product. Part of the problem may be that I apply the blush with my fingertips rather than a sponge, but the blush comes out of the tube white and then instantly changes to a deep rosey color on my fingers before it even reaches my cheeks. I don't feel it blends evenly, it seems like it leaves some darker streaks or kind of cakes together with my foundation, leaving my cheeks feeling kind of "gunky" for lack of a better phrase. If they could integrate this cosmetic technology into a powder blush form, I'd be more likely to be a repeat customer, but for now, this product along with its foundation counterpart will remain at the bottom of my makeup bag while I switch back to my trusty powder-and-kabuki-brush format.

Mc Bain, MI


Finally, a blush I can use!


Almay Smart Shade Blush is the best I've ever used.  I never really got the hang of using blush.  Despite trying several brands and several colors, I always seemed to end up looking like a clown.  I've tried cream blushes as well as powdered blushes, to no avail.  After trying some of Almay's other Smart Shade products, I saw the blush and had to try it!  The blush goes on smoothly and blends nicely.  Within just a few moments (a second, really), the color began changing.  After I smoothed it onto the "Apples" of my cheeks, I checked out the result in several different lighting situations - natural light, florescent light, and incandescent light.  All of the results were the same...for the first time ever, I actually looked pretty good!  I had obvious cheekbones without obvious streaks of color.  I'm really happy with the product and will continue to use it.  Now, if they would just do the same for eye shadow!

Oak Island, NC


Almay smart shade blush lasts all day


I love Almay smart shade blush.  The cream turns powdery as you put it on.  It blends easily and the choice of colors are perfect for whatever skin tone you have.  This blush feels fresh and not cakey and lasts all day.  I will even add a little on my lips to match!

Estelline, SD


AlMay Smart Shade Blush Works with your Skin Tone


I already used AlMay's Smart Shade foundation and love it.  So I decided to try the Smart Shade Blush.  I like that it goes on smooth and creamy and does not end up with a flakey look like some of the powered blush products I have tried.  I chose the "natural " shade and it makes me appear to have a tannish glow instead of a pinkish one.  I may try a different shade although this is nice too.  It has good staying power, when I checked my makup later in the day I could still notice a difference from the product.  This is an easy to apply blush.  I smoothed it in with my fingertips and it's easy to apply this blush right where you need it.  It's very gentle on your skin, I have not noticed any breakouts or other skin reactions from using it.  I really like the Smart Shade products from AlMay, they truly seem to work with the natural coloring of your skin.  A nice product that works well with the Smart Shade line.   

Marion, NY


works great and leaves skin soft and supple


I tried this because I always have trouble finding the right shade of powder blush for my very fair skin.  THis worked great, especially since my skin gets very dry in the winter.  It matched my complexion and gave me a nice healthy glow.  Hours after application my cheeks still felt soft and my skin was more supple in that area.  I think it's a great product and may try the foundation option when I run out of the more expensive brand I normally buy from the department store.

O Fallon, MO


Almay Smart Shade Blush - All Shades

4.4 7