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Almay Pure Blends Volumizing Mascara

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Ugh! The Almay Pure Blends Volumizing Mascara was such a huge letdown! The reason why I was excited to use this product was because it was a natural product, which I liked and had respect for. However, when I used the mascara, the wand just felt so fake and plastic-like. Also, the mascara made my eyelashes flaky and clumpy.



Almay Pure Blends Volumizing Mascara meh, it's okay


I'm all girl when it comes to make-up especially mascara. I can't get enough of it, the bolder and blacker it goes on the better and IF it has glitter in it, I'm on cloud nine. I've tried many different brands of mascara's and this one appealed to me because of the "pure blend" on the label. I like to try new things and I am not biased. First, the brush is way too long for my liking and it's a little flimsy. The color goes on nicely but in my opinion it doesn't stay on as long as others and the color isn't very bold. I don't see what makes this product so spectactular. It's affordable but I wouldn't buy it again unless it was on sale and I had a coupon and was hard up for mascara.

Phoenix, AZ


Affordable option for "natural" make-up


I've been trying to overhaul my beauty bag, and so one place I started with was with the products I use daily; in this case, mascara. I went to the store and was astonished at how much natural cosmetics cost. Then I found Almay which touted its mascara as having all (or almost all) natural ingredients. And it was so affordable! I was sold. I brought it home to try it out. I will admit that it will not give you lush lashes like other brands/varieites. But, it will give you a little extra length that will perk your eyes up. For me, the important thing is that you're putting a product that is NATURAL so close to your eyes, and the sacrifice (not as long/curly lashes) is worth that. I have not tried any other natural mascaras, so I'm not sure how it compares to them. But, I think it makes a great everyday mascara and is one I keep with me at all times. It also seems to last all day, which is very important to me!

Atlanta, GA


Almay Pure Blends mascara is the worst mascara I've ever used


I had been using the Almay pure blends loose finishing powder and the Almay pure blends eye shadow for a while and was very pleased with them so I thought I would try the Almay pure blends mascara when I ran out of the brand that I usually buy (Loreal Lash out- which is a great mascara).  Well, I guess the old adage is true- if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it.  The Almay pure blends mascara was not easily applied.  It was very clumpy and unevenly coated my lashes.  Then, the worst part about using this mascara was that it instantly started flaking right after I put it on.  And it continued to flake all day long.  I used it for a while because I wanted to get my money's worth out of it, but I soon realized that I didn't want to have mascara flaking all over my face all day.  So, I went back to the store and purchased the Loreal lash out mascara that I have used for years.  I am disappointed in the lack of quality in the Almay pure blends mascara.  

Murray, KY


Almay Pure Blends Mascara was Disappointing


Having a preference for natural, organic products, I had high hopes for Almay Pure Blends mascara.  I was so disappointed by the results from the mascara, however, that I threw it in the garbage can when I got home from work the day of my first use--something I've never done before.  Almay Pure Blends mascara gave me raccoon eyes in the fastest time after an application, and so badly that I was embarrassed when I noticed the blackening under my eyes during a trip to the ladies room. Granted, spending money on mascara is always risky for me.  I have thin, blonde eyelashes.  Mascara products with fibers for lengthening lashes look unnatural on me.  Also, since I'm 52 and need to use eye cream to moisturize my under-eye area. it seems I'm doomed to use waterproof products to avoid those nasty black "runs" after a couple of hours.  I truly dislike waterproof mascara, though, because of the extra wear and tear my eyelashes are succombed to when removing the product. I'm constantly trying new mascara products on the market to find one (that's not a waterproof formula) for everyday use.  Typically, I use one that's categorized as the best I've found to date, but acknowledge it's not perfect.  I dream of the day when I find the perfect mascara!    

Pittsburgh, PA


Waste of money


I stumbled across this product at a local discount store and thought that I would give it a try.  It claims to be a volumizing product, but I could barely tell that I had applied it to my lashes even after using five coats of the product.  I attempted applying even more of the product, but all this accomplished was causing them to be a clumpy mess.  This product also seemed to rub off very easily, and is most definately not water proof.  Not something I would ever use again when there was even a chance of being around water since after I was splashed once I spent the rest of the day looking like a racoon.  I didn't feel as if I could even get enough of the product actually on the applicator when I was attempting to apply it.  The only truely good thing about this product is that it doesn't irritate your eyes, which is extremly important since it seems to rub off and flake off in no time at all.  This would be a great product for a young girl that was just learning to use mascara and makeup since it doesn't go on heavy, but not something I'd recommend to anyone out of High School.

Ashland, KY


Great brand and product


Omg there are so many great things i could say about this brand and there products. the mascara is so good. It does'nt clump or leave those little black clumps you just hate seeing. it leaves them smooth and as if you were wearing fake ones. The product lasts along time i've have it for four months and it feels like it never ends. This probly only one of the mascaras i would ever buy. i love that the size of the product is great not to small not to big and a quick swipe is all you really need.We you go to the parties or weddings and not going to lie i love standing out i just go and swipe it on it makes my lashes grow rapidly. great for when people are zooming or looking at your face really close. its a beauty secret i love tot have but i love telling all my friends or family or anyone who want to know what brand i might be wearing. overall this is a must buy product you can always stand out with fabulous eyelashes.

Austin, TX


97.5% natural flakes


 I had high hopes for ALMAY Pure Blends 97.5% natural hypoallergenic mascara.  Since I hate the additives and chemicals that regular cosmetics contain, I thought that ALMAY had come up with a solution.  Unfortunately, their color that is obtained from natural pigments is flaky and somewhat clumpy.  It's great that the mascara is made from fruit and flower extracts, but if it is not a quality mascara, it is basically useless. I do applaud ALMAY for making an attempt, and perhaps other cosmetics manufacturers will follow their lead of switching to more natural formulas.  ALMAY packaged this mascara with 36% pre-consumer recycled material, which very few companies do.  ALMAY discloses all of their ingredients, and have no methyl- or propyl- parabens, which is a plus for those of us who will not use cosmetics with parabens, but I found that I will have to keep looking for a "natural" mascara because of the poor quality of this product.

Boylston, MA


Almay Pure Blends Volumizing Mascara

2.3 8