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Disappointing to say the least


I purchased this because I scored a really great deal on Almay mascara but as soon as I started using it I realized it wasn't worth using. It didn't really have an issue with clumping, it was more that it didn't add any length, depth or color to my eyelashes. After applying all my makeup it still looked like I was missing my mascara. Or that I had dipped the brush is water instead of mascara. If you like that "no makeup" look, than this is the mascara for you but I want definition to my eyelashes because mine are naturally light and this didn't darken them at all. I threw the rest of it away because I didn't want to waste any more time applying useless makeup. Performance Didn't do a single thing for my eyelashes. From close up with a mirror, you could tell that they were a little bit darker after applying it, but from far away it looked like I had no mascara on at all. Ease of Application It applied nicely, no clumping or anything like that.



Really Love there Mascaras


I like there mascaras so much not just because they go on well, cover and dont clump but they have BROWN. I don't like black mascaras and am so happy I found a wonderful quality product with the color that I prefer.

East Stroudsburg, PA


Almay Mascara, Best to Use for Sensitive Eyes!


Tired of mascara that flakes off into your eyes and causes irritation, then try Almay products.  It never flaked, never burned my eyes and gave me luscious lashes.  In addition, Almay also does not cost quite as much as the fancy mascaras and does not dry out as fast.

Akron, OH


Almay mascara is the best I have ever tried.


Thank goodness for Almay mascara! As an allergy sufferer, Almay is the only one that does not irritate my eyes. Every one always comments on my beautiful, non-clumped lashes. As someone who has people looking at me, it's great to feel confident about my mascara!

Bethlehem, PA


Almay Mascara - All Products

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