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Almay Intense I-Color Smoky-I Kit

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Almay Intense I-Color Smoky-I Kit - So Easy to Use


Almay Intense I-Color Smoky-I Kit takes all the guess work out of choosing and using eye shadows. These colors go together perfectly for absolutely fool proof style. The design of the holder is great too because it takes the guess work out of where to put what colors. The shadows themselves are rich in color and a silky texture. They stay on even when used without a base. The colors also stay put even in hot conditions. This is a huge plus since it negates the need to keep reapplying the shadows. You can also easily apply the colors either heavier for a darker look, or lighter for a more casual look. Either way, the different colors in the kit blend beautifully. The kits are great whether you are new to wearing makeup or a pro. I gave a kit to my niece who was just starting to wear make up and after using it, she looked so good you could never tell she was just a beginner. Almay products also seem very gentle.

Toledo, OH


Great color combinations


I purchased a few of the Almay intense i-color kits during a recent sale at my local drug store. They have different shades to complement your eye color. I typically wear colored contacts to make my eyes blue, but my natural eye color is green. I bought the kit for blue eyes as well as the kit for green eyes. The kits have three colors, a light shade for under your eyebrow, another shade for the entire lid, and a third color for the out edge of your eyelid. The smokey blue kit I bought is one of my favorite color palettes. It has a dark gray color for the base and the complementary color is blue. I do not, however, use the light shade that goes near your eyebrows. Maybe I'm just not that good at applying eye makeup, but anytime I try to put anything higher than my eyelid, I look ridiculous. The colors really do bring our my blue eyes. The kit comes with a single sponge tip applicator that is kind of cheap, so for best results, use a professional brush kit. Overall, I was really pleased with the selection and recommend this series to anyone wanting to enhance their natural eye color.

Du Quoin, IL


Smoky-i kit by Almay is brilliant!


I absolutely love these little kits. The one for Hazel eyes is amazing. I used it by itself and it was amazing and with eyeshadow primer it really pops. This kit makes my eye color pop out and the greens in them are explosive. I love this kit and it was really affortable for my price range and budget.

Seymour, TN


Almay Intense I-Color Smoky-I Kit

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