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Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder

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Itchy face powder


Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder is not a good choice for those with sensitive skin, like me. Although Almay products are typically hypoallergenic, I found this face powder was not sensitive-skin friendly. It always made me itch when I applied it, and after I while I gave up on the product because I knew itching was not a good sign and could possibly lead to further irritation. Aside from the itching, this powder was a bit on the orange side upon application: instead of a neutral skin tone, it looked too orange on me. Of course, I do have very fair skin so that may have been the issue. So, if you're also fair, make sure you're not tinting your face orange with this powder. Effectiveness Decreases shine. Ease of Application The powder puff/applicator that comes with this pressed powder compact is not the easiest to use. It tends to pick up a ton of powder and then plant it on your face, so you have to be careful you don't pick up too much with it. Convenience The applicator issues made it somewhat inconvenient to apply quickly as a refresher during the day. Side Effects Itchiness



Ok product, does NOTHING to stop oil & poor color match


I have oily skin, & I am constantly struggling to keep it clear and flawless. I try to avoid liquid foundation & instead opt for light-coverage powders to balance the shine.  Almay is a go-to brand for me, but their powders have a pitiful lack of color selection, & this one does even less to prevent shine then a regular powder.  I have actually found Maybelline powders to be more effective (& cheaper) in this area.

Berrien Springs, MI


Take a pass on Almay "Clear Complexion" Pressed Powder..boo hoo.


I am very sad to report that I am completely disappointed with the **Almay "Clear Complexion" Pressed Powder** that I purchased recently. This line of pressed powders comes in three shades and I purchased the very lightest Ivory shade you can get (I am so very pale...even in August). I have always been a fan of the Almay line of cosmetics and their products have worked very well for me in the past. They also have several lines of products that contain "natural ingredients" and they have a beautifully designed website to shop from. Unfortunately, I had to return the "Clear Complexion" Pressed Powder that I purchased because it actually caused more irritation to my skin than it helped to relieve. Also, the surface of the pressed powder became shiny after just a few uses and I was unable to get any product onto the applicator to use. I am hoping that my experience was only a fluke and that in the future I have better luck with Almay's line of products but I would certainly not purchase this particular product again.

Meridian, ID


Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder

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