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Will continue to be a customer


Been an Allstate customer for 4 years now. We don't feel like we are paying too much and we have full coverage. I especially love drivewise. I get money back every 6 months for safe driving.


Valdosta Georgia


You really are in good hands!


We have been with Allstate for many years now. At first I used to shop around to get the best rates every couple of years but ultimately I decided it is not worth it. When it comes to insurance you want to be sure that you will be taken care if when you need it most. And at Allstate they work with you to make sure you get good rates and get exactly what you need. Their claims adjusters are fair and in my experience really care about whatever it is that you are going through. That is what insurance is supposed to be. Assurance that you will get what you need when you need it without the hassle. Here you really feel like you are in good hands!


Lisle, IL


Worst Home Insurance Company Ever - STAY AWAY


In March 2018, water began to leak from my ceiling into my living room. I called Allstate and it took them 4 weeks to send a subcontractor. The subcontractor said there was nothing wrong with the roof. When I asked him why my ceiling was leaking water, he responded that he wasn't experienced with my type of roof, stone-metal, and that I should call Allstate back to send an insurance adjuster. I first hired two independent roofing companies to take a look at my roof. Both companies said that I had major hail damage. So I called Allstate back and argued to send one of their insurance adjustors specialized in my roof and not a subcontractor. After 4 weeks of arguing, they finally agreed. I made sure that one of the roofing companies that had found the damage was there to meet with the insurance adjustor. They both went up to the roof and both agreed that I had hail damage. The insurance adjustor called Allstate with the discoveries, at which point Allstate claimed that they did not cover my type of roof. We had another argument as my understanding had always been that the insurance I was paying for covered my type of roof. The adjustor told me to consult an insurance agent for details. I saw an agent in person and while he reviewed my policy he found special codes/descriptions that he himself did not understand. He called 2 different people from the main office and they didn't understand what it meant either. After 3 weeks of investigation, the agent told me my roof wasn't covered under my policy. I informed him that the agent that drew up my policy never informed me that I wasn't covered nor had I signed a waiver that excluded my roof from coverage like with other insurance companies and therefore had been misled. The agent informed me that even though it was clear I was misled, especially since they also were not familiar with the codes, that they would do nothing for me. In summary, their Claim Satisfaction Guarantee is false advertisement and bad customer service!


Plano, Texas


Horrible company stay away


Horrible company my car was totaled by their drivers and the police report says so and they blame me for not trying to avoid the accident


New jersey


Run Away


According to an email I received from my now former agency, the agency was purchased after the prior owner was terminated for fraudulently applying incorrect zip codes to retain clients. I was one of them and they tried to raise my auto rates by almost 50%. So after 18 years, I was treated like garbage and forced to change insurance companies. After learning the truth about the fraud, I probably would have left anyway.


Goodyear, AZ




We love our Allstate policy and our Allstate office workers! They have made the transition of buying a house and a new car so simple and are always very friendly ! They always have updated information on our premiums and continuously give us the best discounts




Go elsewhere


After paying whatever premiums they requested for the car and house for many years, my car was damaged. Allstate did not feel it was important to pay for repairs, and offered one quarter of the trade in value, or less than half of the lowest street value. Their rep said everyone has to make money. So I've been paying large premiums for years thinking that I would be covered if ever there was an accident, but turns out all that they were covering were themselves. This company needs to be sued by anyone who has had this problem for breech of contract.


Santa Monica, CA




DECEMBER 12, 2017 - On September 3rd our car was in a car accident, All state wanted us to use their own body shop (certified collision) they brain washed us (our mistake) to use their body shop because they said it was going to have life time warranty and be faster, so after they gave us an estimate and promised our car would be ready in 4 weeks .....4 weeks later they told us that it wasn't ready yet, by that time our car rental period was over so we had to find another car to drive while my car was getting fixed, then after another week they kept saying it wasn't ready, then we spoke to the shop manager of the body shop and he said the guy that was working on the car "drop the ball"on our vehicle and they needed to have someone else start to work on it and finish it, and the shop manager stated he needed another 4 weeks to finish the project because it was just too big! So weeks passed and almost 3 months later, also AllState giving us excuses and not answering our questions (Tonna Madsen our insurance agent being rude and making unnecessary comments and non professional comments like how that happened to her when she was young and she got over it etc etc instead of helping us out, she also stated that she would never take her car to that shop, so how did she expect us to be safe and happy with this car?) then finally they gave me my car back on November 15, almost 3 months after! Can't believe how nice they are while collecting the monthly payment every month but once you get into an accident where it wasn't even your fault they don't help you at all and don't care about you as a costumer.The original estimate to repair was $12,000 so All state didn't want to pay me full price for my car because they said that still was repairable because it had no frame Damage and because it wasn't more than 80% of the value of my car which for my car i paid around $16,000 just around 2 months before the accident.So when I received my car back, the body shop manager showed






They are horrible. They lie their butts off and try to come up with every excuse possible to pay as little on a claim as possible. A large meteor could fall through the center of your roof and they would deny the presence of a large hole. Trust me-cheaper is not always better. Their adjuster will make dang certain the estimate is below your deductible or a few hundred dollars above despite the numerous contractors who have stated you have obvious hail damage. Pictures won't help. They will say it's blisters. You are not in good hands with these jerks. Don't be fooled. You have been warned.




Bonus drive


Allstate I went to went through BONUS DRIVE its a catch I did not recieve anything but a to bad so sad right nothing is free





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