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Allied American University - MBA

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AAU blasts other online accredited universities out of the water


Working with the AAU representative was an enjoyable experience.  I receive complete one on one service and he listened to exactly what I wanted.  AAU is incredibly military friendly and knowledgable.  I simply scanned and emailed the VA forms to receive the GI Bill to my AAU advisor and I was receiving the benefit as soon as I started classes.  When I previously went to a community college, this process was at least 3 months long. Tuition Assistance was also simplified.  I scanned and emailed the signed form to my advisor and I started classes within 1 week! The classes are 8 weeks long and 4 classes over 16 weeks is considered full time enrollment.  The classes are done at your own pace and can be finished before the 8 week time line if you wish. The classes are broke down into 8 modules (I did 1 per week) and are very educational.  I was surprised of the variation and difficulty level of some of the classes that are offered. I reccomend AAU to all of my military friends and co-workers.  This school really does know how to serve those who serve!

Denver, CO


Allied American University - MBA

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