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Allergan Refresh Tears Eye Drops

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Refresh is a brand I trust for soothing and healing


My eye doctor recommended Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops after I was having dry, red, bloodshot eyes. He gave me a sample of Refresh Tears and after I used them up, I bought a bottle. When I applied the drops to my eyes, they were very soothing. They didn't burn or sting, like some brands. The bottle is a good size and seems to last a long time. The directions say to use 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s). I started out using them several times a day. It took away the redness and instantly made my dry, irritated eyes start to feel better. Once my eyes healed, I still use them occasionally when they start to feel dry. They help me with dry eyes from allergies, blowing fans, or dry winter air. I find it very soothing to use right before bed, too. I wear soft contacts and my eye doctor said I can use Refresh Tears with them in my eyes. I haven't had any problems with my contacts or my eyes doing this. I use them both with and without my contacts in.



Amazing product and comes doctor recommended!


Dry eyes run in the family and plus I have bad seasonal allergies. A few years ago on a visit to the eye doctor he recommended using refresh, because the composition is just like that of your natural tears and because unlike other eye drops this one doesn't get your eyes addicted/dependent. I feel good knowing that I am not putting something in my eyes that if I stop using will then cause me more discomfort. You can feel the difference the moment you use refresh. it washes out your eye and you feel warm liquid come out of the eye and your eyes do indeed feel moisturized and refreshed. it's like an ahhhhh feeling. and you can definitely feel the difference in dryness before using refresh and after. I now have bottles in my desk drawer, car and purses. Recently I discovered they have a sensitive eye formula, that is free of preservatives. it only comes in the single use vials, but I highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive eyes. I've been trying to finish the bottles and switch to these vials.

Boston, MA


Great allergy relief!


This is by far, the best eye drops I have ever used. I get alleries in my eyes occasionally, and when I do, I would put two to three drops of this eye drop in my eyes and a few minutes later, the burning and stinging in my eyes would go away. Howver, sometimes I do have to put eye drops in my eyes within an hour after I initially put drops in my eyes, so I would have to say that this eye drop is not as long-lasting as I hoped. That's why this Allergan Refresh Tears eye drop only gets four stars instead of the perfect five stars. The price for this eye drop is veyr good for what it can do. I think it works just as well as more expensive over-the-counter brands. The bottle is small enough to easily tote around in my purse. The dropper is very good, and I don't have to squeeze super-hard as I have to do for other eye drop bottles for the eye drops to squeeze out from the tip. I like this eye drop, and will keep using it.    

Riverside, CA


Refresh Tears are very lubricating.


I was surprised when, a few years back, my optometrist diagnosed me with an eye condition that is partially caused by dry eyes.  My eye doctor's recommendation was to use lubricating eye drops twice per day and I was sent home with a few samples to try. The one sample that stood out to me the most was Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops.  After the first time I used these drops, it felt like my lids were floating on clouds when I blinked...which is definitely different from how my eyes felt before I used these drops!  My eyes felt lubricated and refreshed all day.  There have been a few times when the bargain side of me took over and I picked up other drops (whatever was on sale or I had a coupon for).  I have been disappointed every time, however, and always return to Refresh Tears. At a recent eye exam, I was happy to hear that my eye condition has stabilized since using these drops.  They are definitely doing their job for me and I will happily continue to use them. 

Saint Cloud, MN


Allergan Refresh Tears Eye Drops

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