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AllClad Slow Cooker with Aluminum insert

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The cast iron insert has been replaced twice


This is a great idea however I have had the same bubbling up of the nonstick coating on two different inserts, the original and the replacement. I don't use this more than once a week in the fall and winter and I'm very careful about using wood or plastic utensils and cleaning with a sponge. I can't recommend this product.

New Haven, CT


All purpose cooker


I've always been a fan of the crock pot - I love the ease of cooking, the set and and forget technology. I have owned many different size crock pots and never gave to much thought to how such a simple appliance can be improved. The AllClad Slow Cooker takes the best of all gadgets in one simple cooker. The Aluminum insert is great - so much less to clean up. It allows you to brown your meat on the stove top and then use the same pot in the slow cooker. This is a great appliance and I would highly recommend it. It costs alot more than a standard slow cooker or crock pot but it is definitely worth the extra money.

La Grange, IL


works well if you treat it with care


the all clad slow cooker with the non stick cast aluminum insert works well and has many great features. it can be programmed for one hour or up to twenty. the insert can be used on the stove top to brown meat or saute vegetables then put back into the crock pot to cook completely. the insert should not be put in the dishwasher. you should not use metal untensils on the cast aluminum insert. i worked in a high end kitchen store and this was a very popular item. most of the time if it was being returned it was because the bottom of the insert was scratched and peeling from miss use. most people exchanged this model for the ceramic insert model. the difference being you cant use the ceramic on the stove top. i enjoy the cast aluminum slow cooker however you do have to treat it very tenderly. i recommend this item to cooks who don't mind taking a little extra care. it is not for a young adults first appartment.

Owens Cross Roads, AL


All Clad Slow Cooker is amazing!


I am a busy mom of 5 and love to cook.  My husband bought me the All Clad slow cooker with the aluminum insert that I had been eyeing at William Sonoma.  I fell in love after the first time using it!  It is like no other slow cooker because it has an aluminum insert that you can use to brown your meat in right on the stove.  No need to dirty a pan!  Plus, all of those brown bits from browning your meat stay right in the pan, keeping all of the flavor in!  It also has a digital timer on the front that lights up so you know exactly how much time you have left.  It also has a handy warm feature so when your meal is finished cooking, it keeps it warm until you are ready to eat.  I love the large capacity.  It fits everthing I need right inside.  I especially love how easy it is to clean..Nothing sticks because the aluminum insert has a non-stick coating.  I would recommend the All Clad Slow Cooker with aluminum insert to anyone!

Hartville, OH


All-Clad Slow Cooker Rocks Insert can be put directly on stove


With the All-Clad  Slow cooker you can put the aluminum insert  directly on the stove top.  This makes browning so much easier.  It's pretty expensive but so far worth the price.   Clean up is a breeze.  Insert is made of aluminum and coated with a non-stick surface.  The Slow cooker itself is stainless steel and is easy to wipe down.  So far the quality has been excellent.  I have had mine for 2 years not one problem.  If there  is a con to it, it would be the lid.  It easily slides off when moving or putting it away.  I have only seen this model at William Sonoma not sure if they have an exclusive with All-Clad or not for this model.

Loxahatchee, FL


AllClad Slow Cooker with Aluminum insert

3.6 5