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All Natural Products
All Natural Products wheat harvest cat litter

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Might be Great, If You Can Get Kitty to Walk On It...


We were looking for a natural litter for the health of our kitty. It seemed like this would be ideal! We filled the clean litter box and put it in the usual location. Unfortunately, she sniffed it, put one foot into it, and proceeded to straddle the litter box by walking on its edges until she could jump off. She did not go near it again, until we replaced the litter. We donated it to an animal shelter, I don't know how their experience went. Moisture Absorption Can't absorb moisture, if kitty won't walk on it. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean, since it never got dirty, since kitty wouldn't even walk on it. Odor Control From the appearance of the product, I am guessing it would smell bad quickly. I never had the chance to test it though, since my cat hated it so. Ease of Use For me, easy, for kitty, not so much. She hated it! It was a big waste of my money and time to try this product. I do have a rather picky cat, but something about it didn't feel right on her feet.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


All Natural Products wheat harvest cat litter

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