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Alexia Mushroom Bites roasted garlic & olive oil

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A delicious alternative to fried mushrooms!


I love fried mushrooms but they are often very greasy and very unhealthy. So I was happy to spot this gem in the grocery store. The Alexia Mushroom Bites with roasted garlic & olive oil are delicious. I wouldn't suggest microwaving these though as the breading falls off easily, but when cooked in the oven they hold together quite nicely. They are a great alternative to other greasy sides, and even my husband who won't touch mushrooms ate these without any problems. The mushroom bites are small though, and I wish they contained a few more for the price.



i love mushrooms


i have been buying this product for years. i love mushrooms and these are quite good. actually they are about the best frozen mushrooms that i have ever purchased. the only thing better are fresh picked mushrooms.

Acworth, GA


A very tasty, all natural, snack


Alexia Mushroom Bites with garlic and olive oil are one of my favorite all natural/ organic snacks. They are great for company or just for yourself. They are made with pure olive oil and have no trans fats. They are also very easy to prepare by oven, microwave or the deep fryer. I prefer the oven method (I use my toster oven) because they stay crispy that way. They are very good plain or with a dip such as ranch dressing. And you are getting something besides bunch of fried dough and cheese like in other snacks. The only complaints I have about this product are that they fall apart easily. If you use them as an appetizer I would reccomend serving them with toothpicks. They are also high in calories (a 2oz. serving is only two or three mushrooms) but the olive oil is a good fat if you balance the calories with the rest of your meals for the day. And this product is much better than the other processed commercial, chemical filled, snacks out there. If you have a household with a bunch of hungry teens, football fans, etc. You might want a lower fat snack option but watch the labels on those other non organic products! You may be feeding them something worse! Nutrition wise one serving is 110 calories. One box is supposed to serve 4 but I find that unrealistic. Especially since women like me can polish off a box or a bag or a carton of something bad for us when we are having a pity party for ourselves and me I just get plain old hungry after work standing up all day! So calorie wise it is a thumbs down and why I gave it a four star instead of five. Sodium is 280mg per serving, so if you polish off a box of these watching TV you have technically eaten almost half your sodium for the day (48%) Eeeek!  Another four star reason! But agian if you look at the contents of the other processed frozen snacks out there like the pizza rolls or the restaurant appetizers out there I think you still come out ahead by getting these mushroom bites instead. Per serving Potassium is 120mg, Carbs are 16 g., fiber is 1g. sugars are 2 g. Protien is 3g. and iron is 2% Overall I give these mushroom bites four stars. I like to have something different in the fridge when I get tired of the everyday and the fact these are natural and organic makes me happy dispite the nutritional faux pas. Also, Alexia makes quite a few other products and I have liked every one I tried so if you don't like mushrooms they offer other things too. See their website www.alexiafoods.com.

Myrtle Beach, SC


Alexia Mushroom Bites roasted garlic & olive oil

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