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Alessandro Alessandro Music Series One

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The MS-1 is amazing!


this pair of headphones priced at 99 on their website simply blew me away when I tried them on. The sound reproduction is ridiculously crisp and accurate. great accuracy and response times. The soundstage is apparently non-existent based on some reviews ive read, and the sound leaks so much into the surroundings (its open ear style cans) mean that people around you can listen in on exactly what you're listening to, as if you've got speakers strapped onto your head. But I don't care. The sound quality you get with these is simply insane considering they're 99 a pop.  The headphones were made in collaboration with Grado Labs, a well known brand for good headphones, and the MS-1s look suspiciously like grado cans with alessandro written on them, but any skeptics should try them on and get blown away by the huge difference in sound balancing and great reproduction. These cans are for people who have a place to isolate themselves from others (who don't want to listen in) and enjoy some great music (it works well with Classical, MandoPop and even Rock music, simply because the sound is not heavy on any of the sounds treble/bass/midrange all balanced.) its almost 'natural'.

Urbana, IL


Alessandro Alessandro Music Series One

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