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Alberto VO5
Alberto Vo5 Normal Shampoo

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Excellent Shampoo


I don't understand the negative reviews! I love this shampoo! I have received so many complements on my hair since I began using it. My hair looks fresh, shiny, clean, and healthy. I can't believe how shiny my hair looks -- people keep asking me what conditioner I am using. I don't use conditioner! It makes an excellent lather and it smells nice. The smell does not bother my allergies. I get this at my local Wal-Mart for about 75 cents! It is a great value and wonderful shampoo. I recommend it to everyone who complements my hair.




Ugh, not a shampoo that delievers :(


So, I orignally bought Alberto VO5 normal shampoo because it was super cheap at the grocery store and we were about out at home. I don't like to pay a lot of money for our shampoo and my husband is not a picky guy about what we have as long as we have something to wash his hair with. So I came home with the Alberto VO5 normal shampoo. I wish that I had saved my 79 cents and put it toward some other kind of shampoo. This shampoo does nothing for your hair. NOTHING. My hair did not feel clean and it did not feel like it had been moisturized like it does with other shampoo. Also, my husband, who normally does not care what type of shampoo I buy, has said that I really don't need to ever buy Alberto VO5 shamppo of any kind ever again. We will be finishing the bottle because I don't like to waste things, but it was definately not worth out 79 cents to buy. I'm normally a bargin shopper and like a good deal, but this good deal turned out be be a bad one.




Alberto Vo5, cleans hair with one easy step!


This shampoo has been around since I was a kid and yet it is still wonderful.  It leaves my hair bouncy and shiny in one easy step and it is affordable too!  It makes sense that its been around, because it is still one of the best hair care products I have ever used.  Others may be higher priced but that doesn't make them better.  V05 normal shampoo, for normal to oily hair, makes my hair feel clean which is just what you need when shampooing your hair.


Appomattox, VA


Alberto Vo5 Normal Shampoo

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