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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile Tea

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Value priced, basic conditioner.


Once in a while I buy this VO5 conditioner, as a fill-in with price and availability being the determining factor. Because I color my waist length hair, I prefer a high-end conditioner which this is not. It does get rid of knots, but does nothing for color or shine. It's not thick and rich. As a matter of fact, the conditioner is thin and watery. So, a bottle doesn't last long if you use it every day like I do. That said, I'm sure it's fine for a lot of people and I prefer it over a generic brand. It's just not in my top 3 choices, but it is cheap.


Little Falls, NJ


Inexpensive formula, but it's many uses, make it worth more


There are so many varieties in the conditioning treatments and scents within the VO5 brand. This one is labeled as a "nourishing conditioner" for all hair types, as well as for color treated hair. I bought it for the scent, which is quite pleasant, not overpowering. I don't have color treated hair. Therefore, I can't inform you on how someone would benefit from this particular conditioner in that respect. I primarily chose this brand for the price range, scent, and color, and my past use of many of their shampoos and conditioners. It would have a specific use besides that on my long hair. In a woman's magazine, they put out an incredible suggestion for bringing back wool knits (specifically sweaters) that had shrunk or become out of shape. Now, I had a sweater with a little hump sticking out from hanging on a wood peg. What was I to do. Apparently, you soak the sweater in a solution of cold water and conditioner. My sweater experiment started with a silk blend and it worked. No more lump. So, I went to try and reshape or increase the size of mixed wools and cashmere, which I can not afford to buy. I used a towel on a table, pressing with my palm outward to stretch it out, sometimes pulling. Only a tightly woven, thick, wool did not increase enough. As described in my VO5 shampoo review, try to stay away from red based shampoos and conditioners for use with washing. It tends to transfer the color onto white or light colors, which then has to be machine washed to fully get it out. I thought this conditioner's use on color treated hair might mean there would be benefits for colored clothing - just a question up in the air. For more uses of shampoo, check out my review on VO5 /variety. To save more money, check out my discussion post on : [www.viewpoints.com/discussion_boards/Community/topics/Stores-or-groups-that-offer-loyalty-rewards-or-special-benefits/posts][1] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/discussion_boards/Community/topics/Stores-or-groups-that-offer-loyalty-rewards-or-special-benefits/posts Effectiveness It is for everyday hair conditioning because of it's inexpensive price. It was in a store circular for 79 cents this week (the brand). I used it to update this review. When, my hair is longer, I will use a deep conditioner too which I feel is the most effective for the long term. Scent It will be a scent everyone in a family may use or share.


New York, NY


LOVE LOVE LOVE this conditioner!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this conditioner! Ok, so it's really my hair that LOVE LOVE LOVE's this conditioner:) I have really curly hair and all my life tried to "mangage" it! it has it's own mind and one day I stumbled upon a website that was all for Naturally curly hair! There is a whole community of people just like me that talk about there curly hair woes:) Needless to say that I read a book about No shampooing your hair (No poo) and using sulfate free conditioners! I tried MANY expensive conditioners sold online and in local salons before I tried this super cheap conditoner, I was under the impression that if it was cheap it would not be good.....boy was I taught a lesson! This is the best conditioner I have ever bought and am embarressed by the amount of money I spent before! It is hard for me to find anymore so when I do I am the crazy person with 14 bottles of it in my cart:) Give it a try, can't lose much!


Moses Lake, WA


A decent conditioner for a good price


I tried Vo5 a few years ago when my regular shampoo/conditioner changed their formula. I decided to go for it because it was cheap and it came in tea "flavors" (I love tea), and I have since found it to work very well. I have a great deal of fine hair, a little longer than shoulder length. I have found that "normal" or "average" shampoos and conditioners usually work the best.  I like the smell of the Chamomile conditioner. It's very soft and soothing, not overpowering, yet I have still had some people comment on how nice I smell after I've washed my hair. The consistency is a little liquidy, and I wind up using a lot, but I like how it's easy to distribute throughout all my hair. Sometimes this is difficult with thicker conditioners since I have a lot of hair to cover. This conditioner rinses out well. I feel like my hair is conditioned just the right amount instead of being dry and tangled or flat and gunky. In short, for the price, it's worth trying out.


Gilroy, CA


Alberto VO 5 Tea Therapy Conditioner rich formula stronger hair


Alberto VO 5  Tea Therapy Nourishing Conditioner with Calming Chamomile Tea This is a great conditioner with its rich formula 2x stronger hair I love the fact that this conditioner leaves my hair smelling great and feeling real soft after my hair has dried. and since i have dry hair it is also great that this tea therapy conditioner is good for all kinds of hair. I purchased this because it was on sale for only 88 cents a bottle and not a trial size bottle either it is a full 15 oz. size bottle and this is great value for the money.I have tried many different brands of conditioners from extremely inexpensive to very costly. and I trully do not see a major difference in the conditioner's and their effectiveness on my hair.  I am 59 years old and have long blonde mostly gray now on top hair and have never dyed by hair at all. and it is hard to keep my hair soft and smooth now at this time. i am now very cost consious because of the current times we are in.and this is right in my budget. its fantastic for the price although some of albertos other conditioners are thicker than this but it is still great for the price. I cant really complain.                                                                                                    


Leeds, NY


Alberto VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile Tea

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