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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Split Ends Anti-Breakage

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vo5 split ends conditoner works ok


I bought VO5 for split ends Conditioner (its light blue) hoping it would help tame my frizzy damaged hair. I dont really know if it reduced split ends, but it works just as well as any other conditioner. I didnt notice an actual diffrence but who knows. It had a decent smell, not scented just normal I guess. I used the entire bottle (not at once lol ) over a few weeks and didnt notice any diffrence. Still it was like 84 cents, so yes I would use this product VO5 split end conditioner again. I imagine I will keep trying all the diffrent conditioners out there until I find something that just "does it for me" As for my daughters hair, she has thin straight hair. It seemed to do its job, making it smoother, nut still no diffrent from anything else we have tried at this point. I would recomend this just because it does what any conditioner will do for the most part and hey you cant beat 84 cents a bottle.

Augusta, GA


Alberto VO5 Split Ends Anti-Breakage

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