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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing Conditioner

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Mild Conditioning


I would recommend this product to anyone who has hair that is mostly healthy. The product smells amazing, and can make hair feel softer, yet its not dense enough to impact dry or damaged hair. The formula is watered down and I don't like the fact that it can easily slip out of my hand when I am dispensing it from the bottle. I wish the consistency of this conditioner was thicker and much more emollient. Since my hair is very frizzy, I saw a limited amount of benefit while using this product. The one advantage is the scent, which allowed me to use up the whole bottle after some time. VO5 is a very affordable brand that oftentimes lacks in quality. I prefer the VO5 shampoos much more than their conditioner, primarily since the shampoos do exactly what they are meant to (strip hair of oils), while the conditioner falls behind expectations of hair repairing power. Effectiveness Not very effective. Would suit mostly someone with healthy or minimally damaged hair. Scent The scent is pleasant. It reminds me of strawberry sherbet.



VO5 is a great product.


I love this VO5 conditioner because it leaves my hair feeling clean and soft every time I use it. It dosen't make my hair greasy or oily. It gives my hair a nice and silky shine that I enjoy having. I can tell the difference in my hair when using this product. and I am not disapointed.

Jacksonville, FL


The Best For a Cheap Price


     The Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing Conditioner is a great after touch to the Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing Shampoo.  It gives you a extremely sweet strawberry scent and leaves your hair extra silky. It moisturizes you hair, leaving it glossy, sweet smelling, and shiny.  It also gives you a cool milky scent too. In addition, the formula comes out easily, even when it is nearly empty. This product will most likely leave you with beautiful healthy hair,- at a extremely cheap price, compared with other brands.      Some cons would be that some people might get an oily aftermath with this conditioner. The Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing Conditioner wouldn't be good with oily hair. The only other con for this product is that the product sometimes seems watered down.     Overall, this a great product that I would recommend to my friends, family, and relatives.

San Diego, CA


Huge Difference Between Oily & Silky


In our house, my husband has his products and I have mine.  Well, the other day I took a shower without realizing that I had ran out of my favorite hair conditioner.  In a pinch I decided to use his while I was still dripping wet.  So I grabbed his V05 Silky Experiences Moisturizing Conditioner and couldn't find anything at all that I liked about it.  The product seems watered down and weak.  I didn't like the scent.  As with most women, my hair is my pride.  I have very thick hair which has been treated chemically for too many years and I use conditioner to tame the frizz.  Hubby gets V05 because that is the one that was on sale.  He is very lucky because he hair is nice regardless of what he uses.  After years of blow-drying and hair coloring my locks need that extra oomph.   My hair came out very oily after using this product.  It looked like it needed to be washed again which I did do the following day after buying my shampoo and conditioner.  Every once in a while I find a product which I actually disdain.  This is one of those times.

Fort Gratiot, MI


The VO5 Siky Experiences is outstanding!


I love this VO5 Silky experiences the moisturizing conditioner, Make's my hair feel so soft and silky, I love have not to spend outragous money on this product. I am a person who sufferers from dry skin. and my scaped and hair get really dry during the winder time of the year. I wished that they carried it in a bigger bottle. The shampoo is just the same it smells good and it keeps my hair looking soft and silky also. But they also need to stick it in a big bottle and dont change the price of it. They don't package them together the shampoo/conditioner of the same kind. My family and friends ask me all the time what kind of shampoo/conditioner do i wear and I tell them VO5! They also need to bring some products out with hairspray etc, like the same kind of shampoo/conditioner is . I would buy it ! and only if the price was the same as the VO5 Product.

Lake Havasu City, AZ


Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing Conditioner

4.0 5