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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Repair and Protect Strengthening Conditioner

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Not bad in a pinch


The airline lost my luggage while I was flying to the Caribbean on a trip, so I found myself in a drugstore with a limited selection, needing to locate some basic supplies. I bought Alberto VO5 Repair and Protect Strengthening Conditioner because I had heard of it before, unlike most of the other choices. It got me through the week and worked reasonably well if I used enough, but it didn't live up to my hopes that it might protect my hair from some of the effects of salt water. Effectiveness Given it's name, I thought Alberto VO5 Repair and Protect Strengthening Conditioner might protect my hair from the sun, salt and sand exposure of my vacation more than others. Unfortunately, my hair still got dry and frizzy from exposure to the ocean, and I had to use more conditioner than I would have liked to really de-tangle it. Using more than the bottle suggested did leave me with fairly smooth, manageable hair, though. Scent To be honest, the scent wasn't really memorable.




best conditoner so far


This conditioner took my hair from dried out damage to full of moisterized beauty. It works really good. I actually sometimes use this as an deep conditoner. It is 100% safe to leave in for as long as u want but i recommend wash out. It makes your hair extremely soft and silky. I use the matching shampoo for it and abosolutly cant wait to apply the conditioner. Sometimes i over use it and use it all long before the shampoo is done. What can I say. This conditioner is great stuff. It it also very inexpensive and is mainly sold where ever hair care products are sold. I think that if you give this conditioner a try, you will abosolutly fall in love with it as I have. It also comes in a variety of kinds that smells great. Once again it will not dry the hair out, it adds volume and moisture, and is just great. First time use you will not only see a difference, you will be able to feel and notice the difference. So go give it a try. You have nothing to lose!


Pomona, CA


Alberto VO5 Repair and Protect Strengthening Conditioner

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