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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie Conditioner

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Terrible on my hair!


I have dyed, frizzy, dehydrated hair. I purchased the Alberto Vo5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit smoothie conditioner thinking it would help my dry hair. It is marketed towards hair that needs moisture. I have tried other types of the Vo5 conditioners and figured this one would work as well as the others had for me. I used a lot of this which I typically do with conditioner. My hair felt rough with it in my hair and my hair tangled quite a bit. I rinsed the conditioner out and my hair was a mess. It was super tangled and coarse feeling. I had to use another conditioner just so i could finger comb my hair. There are better versions of the Alberto Vo5 conditioners that do a better job than this conditioner. I would not recommend this version of the conditioner to anyone. Effectiveness Was suppised to moisturize and it actually dried my hair out, Scent Scent was pleasant, didn't linger in hair.





I bought this conditioner when I bought the shampoo to go with it.  I hated the shampoo, but just because the shampoo isn't good doesn't mean that the conditioner is bad, too.  I was wrong.  The worst conditioner i have ever used.  First of all, a conditioner needs to be a thick consistency for it to even do anything for my hair because my hair is extremely curly and it tends to be dry.  The consistency of this conditioner was very watery.  Very bad quality in a conditioner.  Since the product was watery it was very hard to get it in my hair evenly before it fell to the shower floor.  After I rinsed it out, it felt like straw.  Horrible!!  I have a hard enough time trying to keep my hair from getting dry, I don't need a product making it that way.  So since I didn't like the shampoo or the conditioner, I can honestly say that i will not try another Alberto VO5 product again. I now only use the very best products for my hair.  No imitators will be tolerated.

Wixom, MI


i love my alberto v05 moisture milks conditioner


let me start off by saying that i like alot of other people now a days is on a tight budget so i cant afford to spend alot of money on conditioners but i need one that helps keep my hair smoothe and tame some of my hair because it can get a little frizzy at times so i love to use alberto vo5 moisture milks conditioner it works great its really creamy and the smell is so awesome i love to use passion fruit smoothie the best its my favorite out of all the different types they all smell great and work just as as good but i just love that one. and also it is such a great price i mean i think its the best shampoo for the price i wouldnt use any other conditioner besides this one . it especially works grreat with the moisture milks shampoo . it has soy milk protein in it . and it moisturizes so much ! i would definately reccomend this product to anyone . go and try it maybe you'll love it as much as i do.

Thomasville, GA


Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie Conditioner

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