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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Intensive Hot Creme

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Hot Protein, Fabulous Hair!


Alberto V05 Hot Protein Intensive Creme Treatment, Dry, Damaged Hair.   A friend of mine recommended this product, but as an African with kinky hair, I didn't see how anything that worked for her Shirley Temple curls would work for me.  She suggested I sleep with the product, but my hair ordinarily does NOT respond well to protein.   I put 2 packs of protein in my hair (I applied to dry hair since I was too lazy, and my hair soaked it up!) and put a bag on it, wrapped it up and went to sleep.  This morning?  My curls are DEFINED!!  WOOT WOOT!  They have not looked this healthy since the early part of this millennium! Usually, the back half is curly/frizzy, then the top is straight/frizzy, but today? CURLS CURLS CURLS!! I will persevere with my efforts, strive to achieve healthy hair, and maybe next summer, wear it curly all summer!!!  

Hyattsville, MD


Alberto VO5 Intensive Hot Creme

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