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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Dazzling Shine Spray

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the worst shine spray ever


the vo5 dazzling shine ultra light shine spray was one of the worst ive tried. the smell is horrible. the shine is there but with a greasy look and feel. weighs my hair down like i pasted it to my scalp. didnt care for the greasy sticky feeling hair it left me with. i wouldnt recommend this to no one to try.

Palm Bay, FL


It doesn't do anything good for my hair type.


My hair is thin and frizzy, yet full and curly...strange huh? Some products weigh my hair down, some dont hold it down enough...I prefer keeping it braided up in pretty styles...or a nice simple wrap...

Detroit, MI


The shine I like the scent I could live without


Who doesn't like a little extra shine in their hair.  I found VO5 Dazzling Shine Ultra Light Shine Spray. It does work great on giving a great shine and does control split ends, but my goodness they really have to change the scent.  To much alcohol scent with a splash of something else and the scent lasts all day long to where it gives me a headache.  I think if they toned it down a lot they would have something here. Great shine and frizz control, but a horrible to strong of a scent. 

Appleton, WI


Alberto VO5 Dazzling Shine Spray

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