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Alberto VO5
Alberto VO5 Conditioner

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Not a very good product for hair that needs deep conditioning.


This conditioner costs around 79 cents so you can't really expect much from it. You really just pay for a bottle of watered down product but surprisingly for the price category it's thicker than some conditioners I've purchased. I grabbed this one because it smelled really good and I had coupons that made it free. The matching shampoo is pretty decent but this takes a ton of conditioner in my three feet of hair. I expect to use a lot more conditioner than the average consumer because of my hair length but this stuff is really watered down. It appears creamy and thick until you actually distribute it into your hair. It smells really great and peachy. It leaves my hair with more to be desired. I feel heavy and not so much silky or shiny. It does detangle a bit but not as much as I would like. I tried compensating by applying a lot more product but it just didn't do anything except make my routine longer. Overall would not purchase again unless I was in tight spot or it was free. Just use way too much product for too few results. Effectiveness Does detangle and condition a little but not enough for me. Scent Actually has a really great, peachy scent.



Alberto V05 Conditioner is a great way to condition your hair.


Alberto V05 Conditioner is a great way to condition your hair.  It is easy to use and does not leave a heavy residue on your hair or scalp.  it leavs your hair easy to manage and with a great shine.  This product is ideal for both men and women and for all hair styles and types.  It makes your hair strong and shiny and easily managable.  It is a great product to use with other V05 products as well as with all types of other shampoo products.  This product is great for anyone looking for strong easy to manage shiny hair.  Alberto V05 Conditioner is ideal for the budget conscious value shopper who is looking for a great product at a great price.  It will leave your hair in great condition and can be used for all hair types.  It looks great and is easy and convenient to use.  This product is a great health choice and will keep your hair healthy, strong and easily managable and is a great choice for the value conscious shopper.

Montgomery, AL


Alberto V05 is reasonable


Alberto V05 is awesome very good. I love the kiwi and lime scented one.I like this product it is comfortable. It makes my hair shinny. It is soo much cheaper and more affordable. I have used this product for years. I sugguest this product for friends and family. I would never switch this product for it. I hope for other scents for the future. I hope this product sells cause i could not change my product. So my opinion is to buy this product.

Central Square, NY


The only one that has ever detangled my hair!


I've tried a lot of different things before but this is by far the best conditioner for my hair. i've had really big problems with flaking from hair products, but this conditioner is perfect. the styled result leaves your hair very soft and manageable. With the right hair dryer and other styling products, this conditioning system really helps keep your hair healthy and strong. i am personally a big fan of keeping the brands of hair styling products consistent, so I use the entire line of Vo5. I really noticed that the more I use the entire system, the healthier my hair looks after i use the conditioner because it helps protect my hair from the heat of the hair dryer and iron too. I would recommend this especially to women who have very thick, tricky hair that has a mind of its own. this will definitely help control it without flaking or leaving your hair greasy or dry. I also tend to mix up the specific kinds or shampoo and conditioner I use (Volumizing, straightening) depending on what I want to do with my hair, and I have had positive results. my hair reponds well to each kind of shampoo/conditioner system.

Blackwood, NJ


You have to use 2 times the normal amount because it's so thin.


Although this conditioner is so inexpensive, it's still not worth the money. In order to get full coverage, you need to use 2 to 3 times the amount that you would need of a more expensive one. So by the your done with the bottle you would of only gone through a third of the amount of another brand.

Long Pond, PA


VO5 conditioner - a perfect complement to good shampoo


I like to use VO5 conditioner as a perfect complement to a good shampoo.  It is important to use good quality shampoo and conditioner on your ahir so that it feels good and looks good, and you don't want something that drenches your hair in chemicals and removes all its natural components and beauty.  But you still need to get out all the grime of the city (or rural area if that is where you live) and leave your hair feeling great, because if your hair does not look great you do not feel great and affects your whole personality and performance for thw hole day - that's my view anyway and I hope others agree with me.  VO5 is a high quality conditioner and that's why I use it.  It gives me great confidence whenever I use it at all times and I really do recommend it to whoever out there is reading this eview that I have written.  I hope you like my recommendation and I wish you good hair days.

Arlington, VA


Alberto VO5 Conditioner

3.5 6