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Alberto VO5
Alberto-Culver Folicure

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It really works!


This Folicure shampoo has a decent amount of lather, and the fragrance smells pretty good too. It did stop my hair from thinning out and actually made my hair a bit thicker. Unfortunately I could only find it in a professional beauty products store.

Tarpon Springs, FL


Helped my hair from thinning anymore!


So, we all know what pregnancy does to our hair. It makes it lush and gorgeous. No one told be what delivery does to our hair. Mine was stripped of nutrients, brittle and began to fall out in clumps. I am 24, I can't be going bald already! Went to the doctor and he ran a bunch of tests. Nothing is wrong...or at least that is what he said. I think there is something wrong-MY HAIR IS COMING OUT! After trying a million products and refusing to do Rogaine, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply. The owner talked me into tryin Folicure shampoo and conditioner. WOW! It has made a huge difference in my hair is just a few weeks. My hair is much, much thicker and stronger. You do have to go by the instructions. Wash with the shampoo TWICE! It does make a big difference! The price wasn't bad either. I got them for 7 bucks a piece on sale. The bottles are super large which will last me forever!

Albemarle, NC


Alberto-Culver Folicure

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