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Alba Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser

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Good facial cleanser


Though it's a little pricey, this is a good all purpose facial cleanser. It lathers nicely, has a light scent, and leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean. Its natural formula doesn't over dry your skin, and after a few uses your skin will look brighter!



Alba plc hawiian facial cleanser is great!


This prouduct is great! I've been useing this prouduct for a while and I love it it easyly removed unwanted makeup,dosent drys you're skin and has a freash fruit smell to it! It's not strong at all and dosent burn you're face! Another reason why Iove this product is because it leaves you're face feeling soft and Clean! If I had to rate this prouduct I would give it a perfect 10.

Jacksonville, FL


Alba facial cleanser is so cleansing and refreshing


Alba facial cleanser is a great product. It is a great quality product. I love the fact that it is natural and has no harsh chemicals. It cleanses so well and leave your face looking great and feeling fresh. It cleanses without leaving your skin dry and flaky. The smell is great and fruity. Its not thick and doesnt leave a residue on your skin.

Selma, AL


Alba's Pineapple facial cleanser works and smells good, too!


I have been a fan of Alba Botanica's line for a while.  Their products are natural, have several 100% organic ingredients in them and smell great - like inhaling a fruit salad!  What I like about AB's Pineapple Enzyme facial cleanser is how it does not leave a film after removing the grime of the day off your face.  A lot of cleansers out there, which mostly are the famous brand, sometimes highly priced department store brands, leave this residue which maybe they term as moisturizing, but I call heavy and "unclean".  I like to clean my face and THEN moisturize separately, and most products used as part of a facial cleansing routine simply layer one film over another.  AB's Pineapple Enzyme is a clear gel coming out of the bottle pump and smooths on evenly.  The scent really is like cutting open a fresh pineapple - it's that delicious.  After I rinse, my skin feels clean, but not stripped or worse, coated with that gross film other products seem to leave behind.  I love this facial cleanser! 

Glendale, AZ


Super Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser


This is another great product from the Alba skincare line. I was not sure how good a pineapple enzyme cleanser would work on my blemished face but I really love it. It has a great smell and feel to it, is hypo-allergenic and contains organic ingredients. I love that this line does not test on animals since I am vegan.  This is a great cleanser to apply morning and night and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean. The ingredients in this cleanser are great for reducing redness and since it is all natural you are not worried about what you are putting on your face. It says to apply until lathers up, but unfortunately it does not really do that. That would have to be the one main drawback for the product. This feature though does not take away from the overall effectiveness of cleaning the face and removing the impurities on the face. I love the pump effect for dispensing the product and I think you get a great amount for the price you pay.

Saint Cloud, FL


A low-lathering pineapple disappointment.


I think I first decided to try out the *Alba Organics* *Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser* while browsing through the drugstore.com site.  The giant hibiscus flowers on the label lured me in and I ordered my first 8 fluid ounce bottle. This cleanser likes to claim that it is 78% certified organic but I really don't understand that label.  In my mind you either are or aren't organic--like being pregnant.  Anyway, this *Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser* contains aloe vera, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit and other ingredients.  Alba Organics products, including this one, aren't tested on animals and are sold in recyclable plastic packaging. This cleanser is clear and fairly thin.  It doesn't produce much lather at all if you apply it directly to skin or even if you try to work up some foam in your hands.  Washing your face with this *Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser *is like spreading a gentle gel that has no real impact on skin.  I've used two bottles of this facial cleanser now and I have to say that it really is a disappointment.  Skin doesn't really feel all that clean after using it and it certainly doesn't improve the condition.  Against my better judgement, I bought a second bottle of *Alba Organics Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser*.  After just one use, the bottle fell off of the shower shelf and pump cracked right off.  I was annoyed but not enought to get in touch with the company to complain.  The actual cleanser was just as mediocre as I remembered... I wouldn't suggest this facial cleanser to anyone that I know.  It sounds lovely but it's pretty weak and disappointing when you are actually using it.  I'd have to say skip it because there are far better cleansing products available than this one.  

New Jersey, NJ


Alba Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser

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