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Alba Botanica Moisturizing Cream Shave - Mango Vanilla

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Great natural shaving cream!


If you're looking for a natural shaving cream, I highly recommend trying this Alba brand mango vanilla product. Besides being a fair price, it smells great and a little goes a long way. It allows the user to achieve a close shave and does not create a slippery or greasy residue in or around the tub after the water has drained. All of the ingredients are pure, and it leaves the skin lightly moisturized after shaving, even in the wintertime.

Chicago, Illinois


A Staple


A couple years ago we decided to try and buy all-natural bath and beauty products.  I tried a couple of shaving creams, but wasn't satisfied with any of them until I stumbled upon Alba's Mango-Vanilla shave cream.  The scent is nice and light, sweet, but not too fruity or overwhelming.  It's a thick cream, so you only need a little bit - it goes a loooong way.  Which is nice, as it's a little on the expenisve side (as is the case with most all-natural beauty products, of course.)  This cream always leaves me with really smooth, nick-less legs and underarms.  The only downside that I have found, is that it does not rinse from my razor easily.  You really have to be diligent about cleaning the razor.  Still, I give this product five stars.  It is a product I buy in bulk and use throughtout the year.  It has really become a staple in my beauty routine.  I highly recommend not only this product, but the Alba brand in general.

Ashby, MA


Smells great, works great, AWESOME PRODUCT!!


I was browsing my local GMC one day and came across the Alba moisturizing cream shave. They had a few different scents but i narrowed it down to the mango vanilla. At first I wasn't sure exactally how this worked, because i was used to seeing shave gell in a can, not a bottle. I read the back of the bottle and was really surprised to find that it was 100% vegan and animal friendly. (Which is **very** important to me) I decided to pay the 7 bucks, even thought I felt that it was pretty overpriced and give it a try. Got home and OH MY GOSH, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I was used to using a ton of shave gell to cover one leg. Turns out that you only need like a dime sized amount to shave your WHOLE LEG! It even said on the bottle (this is not a perfect quote) "this product is best used sparingly". The entire bottle lasted me months, so even tho it was a little pricey, it lasted way longer than three cans of shave gell! I moved not too long after that, and was worried about finding my beloved cream shave again. But i was shopping in Publix one day and got so excited!!!!! It was even a few bucks cheaper. I would definately buy this if you haven't already. If the mango vanilla smell isn't your thing, they have other amazing scents too!

Jacksonville, FL


Makes a good after shave


For the most part I try to keep my products all natural.  When I decided to go natural with my shaving cream the first one I grabbed was Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave in the Mango Vanilla scent.  Mmm at first smell I was hooked...the smell is scrumpclicious!! The first time I used it I was  it to lather some when rubbed onto my skin, but it didn't.  This would take some getting used to.  Unfortunately I didn't try it as a shaving cream long enough to get used to it.  I have thick coarse hair and have a hard time with razor burn and this for some a while shaving with it made it worse.  So I quickly gave it up and went back to my good old foaming shave cream....I did however find that it makes an excellent after shave moisturizer and helps to soften my skin and cool down the razor burn and I have even noticed that it makes it far less worse!  So if you have coarse hair and get razor burn easily I recommend trying this as an after care product.

Derry, NH


Smells amazing and works great too!


I love bath and body products, but I've always had trouble finding a shaving gel/foam that I liked.  They were all highly perfumed, but in a fake way--you know, a product says it smells like melon but it doesn't resemble any melon every found in nature.  I bought this because I liked the idea of a natural shaving gel.  I've been really pleased with it and have continued to use it ever since my first purchase last year.  The smell is great--it's not over-powering and it's nice and natural.  When I use it, I don't have very many knicks and cuts--not sure if that's because of the razor I'm using or this product, but hey, it's still nice!  I have noticed that it gunks up my razor a lot more than previous brands I've used--I need to rinse it a lot more frequently and change it out more often, but I think it's worth it.  As the package advises, using less is definitely more--you only need to use a little bit, and because of that, the product lasts a long time.

Middleton, WI


This wonderfully scented shave cream is all natural!


Most of my body care products are either all natural and/or organic and when I realized that my shaving cream wasn't, I went out and bought one.  I decided to buy **Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave **in the Mango Vanilla scent because I love fruity scented body care products. Before you use an all natural shaving cream, you need to throw everything you know and like about your favorite unnatural shaving cream out the window.  The **Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave **does not foam or lather; it has a thick, creamy consistency.  It is very different than anything I have ever used before.  At first I didn't think I liked it, then I realized that it wasn't that I didn't like it, it was just completely different from what you expect when you think of shaving cream. When you apply the shaving cream to your legs, it looks like you are about to rub in lotion, it is that thick and creamy.  It does provide a moisturizing shave because it is loaded with moisturizing ingredients like: Aloe, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil.  I have only used this product on my legs, and after I did, they were left soft and moisturized.  The smell is heavenly; it has the fruity scent of sweet mango and relaxing vanilla.  Like all Alba products, this is all natural and made with no animal testing.  Alba makes a large selection of all natural body care products including: deodorant, [lip balm][1] , body lotion, [body scrub][2] , shampoo, conditioner and more.  This particular shave cream is also available in the scent: Coconut Lime. **The Scoop!** If you like fruity scented products and are ready to try an all natural shave cream, this is for you.  I would definitely buy it again.  I look forward to trying the Coconut Lime scent! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Alba-Coconut-Cream-Lip-Balm-review-7b1f4 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Alba-Botanica-Sea-Salt-Body-Scrub-review-7af63

Camp Lejeune, NC


Alba Botanica Moisturizing Cream Shave - Mango Vanilla

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