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Alba Botanica
Alba Botanica Leave In Conditioner

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Quality Ingredients, Ph-balanced & Great Value for Money


I look out for great hair care products because many makers of hair care products aren't reliable and can up and discontinue or change a staple product into something you wouldn't recognize or use thus its best not to rely on just one product that works for you...have at least one or even two others that are just as good, just in case. Alba Botanica leave in conditioner is my just-in-case product. Its impressive ingredient list meant I had to try it, coconut oil is among the main ingredients and I know extracts like green tea, moringa, fenugreek and aloe to be good for hair. No petroleum or other mineral oil derivatives, no parabens either. How I use it: I did my usual mist with plain water to refresh curls in the morning then applied a dime sized amount of Alba leave in to each section of my hair (I had 4) focusing on the ends. That may be all that you need to do for most but because I have curly hair that dries out quickly I sealed in the Alba leave in with oil. My hair retained moisture and was still soft by days end so needless to say, I was not disappointed. Give it a try and see if it works for you.


Yakima, WA


Alba Botanica Leave In Conditioner

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