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Alba Botanica
Alba Botanica Clarifying Shampoo

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An effective, natural product at a reasonable price


effective, without too many harsh ingredients like many other products on the shelves. this brand has been around for many years and is trusted by the natural community. it works great and is not as expensive as many other natural brands!!



Alba, why aren't your hair products as good as everything else?


Since I normally love all the Alba Botanica products I buy, I just assumed that this shampoo and the [Alba Botanica Detangling Conditioner][1] I recently purchased would be great too, but they're not. The conditioner is not great at all, but the shampoo isn't as bad. What I do like about **Alba Botanica Clarifying Shampoo** is the ingredients and the fact that it isn't tested on animals. It's made with great all natural ingredients like: aloe vera, mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil, green tea extract and vitamin B5. It also has a great scent. It smells fresh like green tea and cucumber, but with a slight hint of something herbal. The bottle says that this shampoo is for oily, overactive natural or color-treated hair. I wash my hair every other day to prolong my hair color, so on the second day my hair can be oily; plus, my hair is color-treated, so this shampoo sounded exactly like what my hair needs, but that wasn't necessarily so. I don't like that I need to use a lot of this product. If I use the amount I normally would, I don't get enough lather to rub around on my head, so I have to use a lot of this shampoo to get the kind of bubbles and lather that I want. Once my hair has dried, it is clean, but doesn't have that kind of clean, shiny look that I want. I'm not sure if it doesn't clean as well as others or if it just doesn't leave my hair *looking *as clean as others. Overall, **Alba Botanica Clarifying Shampoo **is nothing special. I wouldn't buy it again, so I probably wouldn't recommend it to a friend either. There are way better natural shampoos that I have used and I'll try again. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Alba-Botanica-Detangling-Conditioner-review-8f1e8

Camp Lejeune, NC


Alba Botanica Clarifying Shampoo

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