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Alba Botanica
Alba Botanica Aloe Vera Vanilla Sunscreen SPF 18

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Alba Sunscreen is a great, vegan-friendly product!


Several years ago, my daughter;became a vegan and that got me started searching out products and companies that not only did not use animal products and by-products, but were also eco-friendly and did not use animal testing in their products; I have, thus, been a supporter of Alba for many years and recently tried Alba Sunscreen. I am super happy with the SPF 18 factor and the vanilla scent of this particular sunscreen is very pleasant and reminiscent of a beach or pool atmosphere. Even when used for a day trip to and through our neighborhood farmer's market for fresh produce, its non-intrusive fragrance is welcome and its protective qualities are a must for the required walk in the sunshine; The fact that it is non-oily on the skin is a definite plus and makes it very pleasant to use on a daily basis, when sun exposure is imminent or unavoidable. This product does what it says and the company is one that I can feel good about supporting.


North of L.A., CA


just ok


I feel like Alba is generally pretty good as far as being natural and chemical free and this sunscreen has a light pleasant vanilla scent but I don't think it's as good as other sunscreens as far as actual SPF protection.  It is only 18, which may be fine for just day to day on your face protection but for that I usually get a moisturizer with SPF.  For laying down at the beach all day and soaking in the sun I don't think that 18 SPF is strong enough and I have fairly good skin for tanning.  I don't burn easily but I do want to protect my skin.  The lotion goes on a little thick and very white so you do have to run in quite a bit.  If you sweat at all it will give you little white lines on your skin.  I notice this mostly when I wear sunglasses, around my eyes, so I have to be careful not to get it in my eyes. It is also not waterproof so if you do get in the water you will have to dry off and reapply. 


Los Angeles, CA


Alba sunscreen is a top product


Alba sunscreen is one I would recomend as this product is superier to others on the market. You pay for what you get. This will give you great protection without the greasy feeling and has a great scent.


Kahoka, MO


Alba Sunscreen Aloe Vanilla SPF 18- I love it!


I tend to buy more organic/natural products, so when seeking sunscreen. I am cautious about the chemicals or additives that may be harmful to me. I love Alba products, as they may not be 100% organic, but they have less chemicals than other national beauty products. This suncscreen has a delightful scent, especially if you like vanilla. It is a light scent, not overpowering. The sunscreen is very white and does not rub in very well, so it does leave a white residue on your skin. After several minutes, it starts to absorb, but there are still noticeable amounts of sunscreen, especially on the face. The coverage works well and even lasts for a couple of hours before reapplication is needed. The sunscreen is alittle on the runny side, so the consistency is not very thick. This makes the sunscreen easier to spread and apply. I noticed a slight "shimmer" after applying the sunscreen. It helps your skin have a healthy sheen.


Adrian, MI


works great without the toxic feel


I use this sunscreen daily, applying it on both my daughter and myself.  At a minimum, we use it on our ears, nose, cheeks, and hands.  When I try to apply it to my daughter's face, she sticks her tongue out, trying to taste it, so I have to concentrate, but I am not so worried if she succeeds in getting a slight bit on her tongue or lips.  It is one of the cleanest, most natural products of its kind that I've found.  What else can I say?  I first tried this sunscreen a few years ago and loved it right away, so now it's an easy choice.  I don't have to think, I know where to buy it, and when it's on sale, I get two or three, so I can keep one in my bathroom, one in my bike bag, and one at the office.  That way, if I forget to put it on in the morning, I can hit it before walking to lunch or to catch the bus.  It definitely has helped keep my skin protected and healthy.  Could be a lifesaver, especially for someone with fair skin like I have.  My toddler daughter has darker skin, which is good because she loves to pull hats off when I'm carrying her down the street on my back.  With Alba Sunscreen, I don't worry so much about her exposure when she goes hatless because I know it's so much better than if she had no sunscreen protection. I think 18 spf is plenty, unless you're out in the sun for many hours straight.  I like the this level relative to say 30 spf because I think it's gentler on the skin.  Also, it smells good and doesn't have a greasy feel.  Good for yoga classes where you don't want to be all slippery! 


Albuquerque, NM


Aloe Vanilla Alba sunscreen smells so sweet


This sunscreen is a good buy. It's compact size makes it convenient and SPF 18 gives you a nice tan without the burn. I hate carrying around big clunky bottles of sunscreen when I go to the beach, so it was great that it fit in my purse. The aloe is also very soothing on already burnt skin. It does however leaving a sort of pasty lining on your skin that goes away with a little water. Warning: Smells strongly of vanilla. Not a good product for manly men.


Los Gatos, CA


Alba Botanica Aloe Vera Vanilla Sunscreen SPF 18

4.0 6