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Alabu goat  milk soap

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Alabu changed my whole perspective on soap!


Never did I imagine that when I answered an ad for a Victorio Strainer that I would instead discover the world's best soap! From the moment I first met MaryClaire I knew that she was something special. She welcomed me and my grandsons with open arms showing us her horses, brand new baby goats and soap making area. She sent us home with samples of soap to try knowing full well I'd be back. Like a moth to a street-lamp I return time after time. MaryClaire has taught me that the soap most of us buy at the store is not even soap in definition. A read of the ingredients will reveal harsh detergents and petroleum products. The manufacturing process of these so called soaps strips the naturally occurring glycerin that they then sell for profit leaving the "soap" without the natural moisturizing ability it would otherwise have. Ironically, the glycerin is bought by makers of lotions and bath products designed to moisturize your skin after it has been dried out by the "soap" you just used! Alabu goat milk soap contains natural glycerin so it doesn't dry the skin and because it is all natural it is perfect for sensitive skin. After using it for a while I found that my skin was soft and had a beautiful glow. I was so excited that I sent some to my daughter in Utah who at the time was suffering from new baby hormonal acne. The goat milk soap helped soothe her skin and clear the acne. She then used the soap to bathe her new baby and even used it as a gentle baby shampoo to help with his cradle cap. It is now the only soap we use.MaryClaire's Alabu goat milk soap is handmade in small batches with the freshest of natural ingredients. She even guarantees her soap. Choose from many fragrances or if you prefer unscented. My everyday favorite is almond but during the holidays I love the gingerbread fragrance.The soap can be ordered from the Alabu website or you can go directly to their Mechanicville, NY business. Try it soon and I think you will agree that Alabu goat milk soap will change your perspective on soap as well!

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Alabu goat milk soap

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